Democrat "Expert Witness" Soledad O'Brien Knows So Much About Media Disinformation Because She Is the Queen

Democrat "Expert Witness" Soledad O'Brien Knows So Much About Media Disinformation Because She Is the Queen
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Last month, Maria de la Soledad Teresa O’Brien, known professionally as journalist Soledad O’Brien, had a promotional puff piece written about her in Forbes magazine.

“Over the last four years, O’Brien, who now anchors and produces Matter Of Fact – a political magazine program on Heart [sic] Television – and owns her own production company, Soledad O’Brien productions, has become known for something else. She uses her wide-reaching platform, specifically on social media, to unapologetically call out wrongdoing by politicians and elected officials, and take journalists and media organizations to task when she feels news coverage has been harmful to the public.

” ‘I would like to see journalists have a little more analysis on why they gave so much airtime to people who lie and who they knew were lying,’ O’Brien said. ‘I think the challenge has been when reporters tell you they’re so surprised [about Donald Trump’s actions]. Because I feel like there have been so many people, myself included, who have pointed out the dangers of this kind of language from the president.’ “

Three snaps up! Yaaazz Queen!!

This is O’Brien’s newest shtick: holding her fellow journalists and news outlets, where she once gladly worked, “accountable” for truthful analysis. O’Brien spent over 20 of her 30-year journalism career doing exactly the same thing which she is decrying.

O’Brien still acts as a distributor of disinformation, but this is not stopping the Democrats from calling her as an “expert” witness for a hearing. The Energy and Commerce subcommittee on Communications and Technology is, as we speak, meeting to discuss, “Fanning the Flames: Disinformation and Extremism in the Media”.

You can’t make this stuff up.

This is part and parcel of barely-known House Democrats Anna G. Eshoo (D-Dumb) and Jerry McNerney (D-Dumber). They are the stooges from Silicon Valley (Surprise!) who wrote to a dozen television broadcasters with a strongly worded recommendation that they stop airing Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News Network (OANN). These letters were sent to AT&T, Verizon, Roku, Amazon, Apple, Comcast, Charter, Dish, Cox, Altice, Alphabet, and Hulu; in other words, all the constituents they supposedly represent.

This is YOUR tax dollars, hard at work.

Soledad’s career has been mostly spent in the legacy media shops of Disinformation: namely, MSNBC and CNN. She spent 10 years at CNN, and even after being “fired,” she continued to host specials like the ridiculous “Black in America” series. As far as I am concerned, it is full-on disinformation for someone who is Irish, Hispanic, Black, and Caucasian to be propped up as an authority on being “Black” in America.

Here are part of O’Brien’s opening remarks on the Hill:

“I have been a journalist for more than 30 years, reporting and anchoring for local TV, network news and cable — places like NBC, WBZ-TV and CNN. I anchor and co-produce, along with Hearst, a weekly political magazine show syndicated in 93% of the country called Matter of Fact. I do a twice weekly podcast for Quake Media and am a correspondent for HBO’s ‘Real Sports’, in addition to producing series and documentaries through my production company, Soledad O’Brien Productions.

“My point is, I have both feet planted firmly on the media landscape — and this is what that landscape looks like.

“Media disguised as journalism has been spreading lies for years, elevating liars, and using the ensuing slugfest to chase ratings, hits, subscriptions and advertisers. Period. Fullstop.

“In fact, the elevation of liars has accelerated, with radio, broadcast and cable TV in particular, repeating and reenergizing lies that harm all of us. The bombast that accompanies these lies, has also set the stage for an alarmingly xenophobic and racist narrative that has taken hold in this country.”

O’Brien has been one of the liars that the legacy media elevated. In her remarks, she leads with a 2005 incident at CNN about Lou Dobbs telling “lies” on immigration numbers. So, if it was so egregious, why did she stay and remain part of this disinformation machine for another 8 years?

Also notice, in her laundry list of bonafides, O’Brien fails to mention that she worked with Al Jazeera, although it is presented in her biography to the Subcommittee. After she left CNN, O’Brien became a special correspondent on Al Jazeera America’s news program America Tonight. Al Jazeera has had to register as a foreign agent because they are housed in the state of Qatar. The state is also not known for its journalistic freedoms or truth.

O’Brien likes to use Twitter to do her important work. She has spread disinformation about the Covington Kids, dissed Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean for calling out Governor Andrew Cuomo, and gone toe-to-toe with Megyn Kelly, who has called her out on her dismissive BS regarding Dean. O’Brien is a flame thrower and a gadfly who cloaks herself in journalistic experience and integrity.

But O’Brien is such an expert on LIES! LIES! LIES! that she must use Twitter to call out everyone who she thinks is a liar… except herself.

Steve Krakauer of the Megyn Kelly podcast has, in the past, taken her down a notch or two.

Sadly, her critics are shouting into the void, because O’Brien is an “expert” who plays the intersectionality card to the hilt. She’s a triracial woman who is an expert on being Black in America. She’s an expert on being a “working mom”—Her Twitter bio says so! As if this makes her unique from the millions of working moms, some of whom do not have fat payouts from the multi-million dollar media organizations she’s graced inhabited.

A disinformation artist giving expert testimony on disinformation is the height of Orwellian. Yet, here we are.


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