Super Bowl and COVID Scolds: Why Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

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I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. Not because I have anything against it—I’ve gone to my share of Super Bowl parties, and even thrown one or two of them. But, I am a “sports wife”. If my husband is into it, I’ll watch it with him. Strangely, this time around, my husband was more interested in playing with his radios (we’re Ham operators) than watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs play. So, I missed the action on the field.


However, I didn’t miss the action on Twitter. Frankly, it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. Our Deputy Managing Editor Jen Van Laar wrote about how Conservatives cannot enjoy cultural moments anymore, but the Left took it to a whole new level and put it on full display last night.

Two things were immediate triggers. The Big Game was held in FLOW-RI-DAH, and Bucs quarterback Tom Brady is a Trump fan. Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is the Left’s latest man to hate, and his methods of running his state and actually following the science fly in the face of all the COVID-woke scolds like Molly Jong-Fast and 15-minutes of fame Mary Trump.

Because mask-less people in crowds, outdoors, having a great time triggers them. Can’t wait for all the articles about how the Super-Spreader Super Bowl 55 killed this person or that one. Isn’t it interesting how we’ve seen little of those since Biden was installed?

Jack in the East points out that the extreme response of these people should trouble us all—and yeah, find your therapist.


Our editor Kira Davis made this sobering observation:

“We’ve arrived at this weird place where now just the act of standing in a place with a lot of people is rebellious and dare I say seditious. Somehow it has become assumed that if you’re in a crowd you’re automatically spreading COVID and will probably die of COVID.

“It should disturb us all how easily we’ve all fallen into this perception.”

It should. This virus is highly survivable (90-97 percent), especially if you’re healthy and under the age of 60. Stanford Professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya at the Re-Open Cal Conference in January, placed the marker at 70.

“For people over 70, it’s more deadly than the flu. Ninety-five percent of people over 70 survive. If you’re under 70, the survival rate is 99.9 percent.

“The conventional wisdom of the way COVID has been managed focuses on numbers of cases and numbers of deaths, but talks little, if at all, about survivability.”

Who is in that video above? A whole lotta young folks. We need to leave them alone and let them enjoy their youth while they still have it. DeSantis’s guiding focus in managing the pandemic has been to protect the vulnerable, and let everyone else live their lives. That includes not demanding face diapers and staying holed up in your home to kill your immunity.

But the Left cannot tolerate this. You must conform to whatever their latest expert or chosen politician says is the way things should be. We must have Joe Biden’s “Dark Winter” or a “new normal” of masks and social-distancing. I also surmised from Twitter that the commercials, the highlight of the Super Bowl, especially for the non-sports lovers among us, were mostly infected with this message, along with the whole “unity” canard.


EVERYTHING is a political or socially-woke statement. Every moment must be taken as an opportunity to score points, bring in a life lesson, or point out how badly DeSantis is doing his job. They no longer have Trump to kick around, so freedom-loving Ron DeSantis has become the face of evil. He can handle it, but it’s amazing how the Left is nothing without its scapegoats and bogeymen.

Then there’s the local California politician who killed thousands of jobs in her state and almost successfully drove out Uber and Lyft wanting you to know that this entire event was brought to you because of Unions.

This commenter hopefully slapped her with a bit of reality.

As President Trump said in his SAG-AFTRA Resignation letter: Who Cares?! There’s a reason why no one is looking at California as a career- or life-quality destination. Stay in your lane, Lorena.

Legacy media’s Dan Rather, who uses Twitter to continually remind us of his irrelevance, decided he needed to join the pile, with the most bizarre of observations.


Yeah… Dan… I think you are the only one.  And isn’t it past your bed time? Your nurse needs to take away your phone.

This young person is having a crisis of conscience. She wants to enjoy the game, but it conflicts with her channeling her white guilt, distaste of Trump, and COVID fears.

Such a dilemma!

How does the prima donna woke-grifter Colin Kaepernick somehow factor into this? Please, seek help!

Whether you watched or not, as most of us know, the Bucs won, QB Tom Brady has proven once again that he is the G.O.A.T., and I hear the halftime show was both entertaining as well as compelling. I’ll have to watch it later.

But this sickness of progressivism will continue to permeate our culture and find its next target. As the inimitable Gilda Radner’s Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say, “Well it just goes to show you, it’s always something!”


If the Left has their way, nothing will ever be able to be enjoyed again merely for enjoyment’s sake. Everything must connect to their pet causes or beliefs, otherwise, it has no meaning.

What a miserable existence.


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