"Childless" Is Praise on Kamala Harris, a Tool of Mockery on Elise Stefanik

"Childless" Is Praise on Kamala Harris, a Tool of Mockery on Elise Stefanik
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Prissy, the slave from Gone With the Wind said, “Oh, Miss Scarlett, I don’t know nothing ’bout birthin’ babies!”

Neither does Vice President-elect Kamala Harris (D) or New York Representative Elise Stefanik (R).

Guess which woman this was weaponized against?

On Sunday, the Albany Times Union chose to publish a piece titled “Storytime with Elise Stefanik.”

It was an ill-advised choice, as The Federalist reported:

“….[A] short, fictional narrative in which Stefanik reads to a room of first-graders at a local school. The article, which appears to have been taken down but is also available on the personal website of one of its authors, portrays her as a purely self-interested politician who has even forgone growing a family out of professional ambition.

“I myself am childless because I am a rising star in the Republican Party, and family planning is possible by way of the contraception paid for by my excellent taxpayer-provided healthcare plan,” wrote the co-author bloggers, Peter Marino and Lale Davidson.”

Rep. Stefanik has rightly pushed back.

The real Stefanik, 36, released a joint statement with her husband, Matt Manda, demanding the blog’s retraction and an apology with an explanation from the paper on how it came to the decision to publish.

“As a young married couple, we have developed a thick skin over many years as we have become accustomed to repeated sexist smears in media coverage,’ Stefanik and Manda wrote. “However, the Times Union’s decision to publish an article that mocked us as ‘childless’ is a new low and is truly heinous and wildly inappropriate. This shameful statement is not only inherently sexist, but also hateful, abusive, and heartless.”

Soon-to-be Vice President Kamala Harris has no children.

From my brief internet search, she is being lauded and praised as a representative of women who choose careers over children, or who are unable to have children, yet still make a family.

Harris is a proud aunt and great aunt, as well as a stepmother to her husband Doug Emhoff’s young adult children.

Harris had a four-year affair with former California Speaker and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, and did not bother to marry until she was 50. In this day and age, a partner is no longer needed to bear a child and give birth. So, either Harris was focused on her storied career from San Francisco County District Attorney, to California Attorney General, to United States Senator, to Vice President-elect, or she just didn’t want to have children.

I have not encountered any media articles that have targeted Kamala Harris for her career or reproductive choices, yet Peter Marino and Lale Davidson decided that Elise Stefanik’s career and child-free existence was fair game for mockery.

The Times Union pulled the article from their site, and it looks like co-author Lale Davidson’s page has also been removed. The post on her personal blog was still active as of this writing, and a tweet of that post is proudly pinned on her Twitter profile.

I asked Davidson about this.

I won’t hold my breath for a response.

We have no idea why Harris made the choice not to bear children, just as we have no idea why Stefanik has not. And frankly, in both cases, it is no one’s business. Democrats are always spouting about “my body, my choice” when it comes to abortion, sexual preferences, or gender transition, yet they judge the choices of conservative women, whether that is having more than 2.5 children (see:  “19 Kids and Counting,” “The Duggars”, “Michelle”), having the temerity to not only have your own children, but to adopt children of a race other than your own (see, Coney Barrett, Amy), or not having any children at all.

The women the Left hold in high esteem: Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, Lada Gaga, Oprah Winfrey are celebrated and lauded for their careers and their child-free existence. If anyone had written the type of article about them that was written about Elise Stefanik, Twitter would have a meltdown.

What is most ugly about this attack is that until you walk in someone’s shoes you have no idea what they may be going through or why they have made certain choices. There are couples I know who desperately want children, but have physical or other obstacles that prevent them from having a family. There is a pronounced pain in those couples that is felt, particularly when they encounter and observe families together. What if Elise Stefanik and her husband Matt Manda haven’t chosen not to have children, but cannot have children? Or if they attempted to adopt, what if those attempts came up short? What right does anyone have to pour into already pronounced pain?

Apparently Peter Marino and Lale Davidson assumed they had such a right, because Republicans are evil and that piece will speak truth to power… or something.

My colleague Sister Toldjah wrote,

“I’m not seeing so-called ‘feminists’ on the left lining up to defend Stefanik. That shouldn’t be a shock to anyone, however, considering most ‘feminists’ view conservative women as sellouts because they have the nerve to think for themselves rather than toe the liberal/conventional wisdom line on how abortion is a sacred “right” and how all men are supposedly evil and all women are helpless victims who need big government to rescue them, etc.

“That’s okay, though. Stefanik, like most conservative women, more than held her own – and in this case, got results.

“It doesn’t happen often, but it’s a helluva good day when leftists in the media get hoisted by their own miserable petards.”

It is a good reflection that there is life on the planet, because Davidson is getting the dragging she deserves.

Karma’s a bitch—and she probably has children.

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