Establishment Republicans Want to Wash Trump Out of Their Hair, But the Dye is Permanent Now

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My colleague Mike Miller reported on TX Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s defense of WY Rep. Liz Cheney’s right to make an impeachment vote. Crenshaw did not necessarily agree with her, but he defended her right to have a differing viewpoint. Mike also gauged the temperature of Crenshaw’s defense among others in the Republican Party.


“So how did Crenshaw’s support of Cheney’s right to vote to impeach Trump — based on her “conscience,” she said, although Crenshaw disagreed with her vote — play among staunch supporters of President Trump? Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is a good place to start.

“Gaetz, who forcefully and emotionally called out the sheer hypocrisy of House Democrats during Impeaching Hearing Charade 2.0 on Wednesday was not happy with Crenshaw for defending Cheney.

“ ‘With all due respect to Rep. Crenshaw,’ Gaetz tweeted, ‘this is a minority view within the minority party.’ ”

Yeah, Gaetz is right. Sorry, not sorry, Dan: the anti-Trump sentiment is not going to fly in the GOP anymore. The United Colors of Trump have now saturated the fabric.

I’m not sure anyone in Republican leadership really understands this—especially the Swamp creatures, like former Majority—now Minority—Leader Mitch McConnell, and NE Senator Ben Sasse. They think that everything will go back to the “hierarchy of Darlings”, and Mitch is under the delusion that he can still be a kingmaker. Sorry, not sorry, Mitch; that power is no longer in your grasp.

Axios did a survey that shows that given the choice, the American people will take Donald Trump over Mitch McConnell.


From the survey,

The state of play: A majority of Republicans still think Trump was right to challenge his election loss, support him, don’t blame him for the Capitol mob and want him to be the Republican nominee in 2024.

Why it matters: The survey shows why Trump could run again in 2024 (and possibly win) if he isn’t convicted — or banned from holding federal office — by the Senate. It also shows the peril and opportunity for institutionalists like McConnell trying to reclaim the GOP.

  • In addition, it helps explain why a majority of House Republicans voted against certifying the election, and against impeachment.

Between the lines: There’s a deep schism in the GOP, with a 56% majority considering themselves “traditional” Republicans and 36% calling themselves Trump Republicans.”

But McConnell’s loyalty is to himself and his Establishment Republican life. For him, Trump is all but gone, and even in his minority role, he will go back to choosing those “Darlings” who represent the true Republican Party. Trump Republicans, be damned.

We see the Darlings all the time: they are the ones who go on cable news to speak on certain issues and legislation, and who are being groomed for “bigger things” (see: Presidency, 2024).


That was the positions Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz were in before they chose to side with Trump, and the 70 million who voted for him, who still consider the election to be fraudulent. Now Cruz and Hawley are not only persona non grata among many in the Party, but they are the recipients of the hatred that the Left used to reserve exclusively for Trump, and the Cancel Culture’s search and destroy missiles are being lobbed in their direction. McConnell hasn’t lifted a finger to come to their defense—you know he plans to do anything he can to get rid of them.

Good luck with that.

You see, while McConnell, Sasse, Romney, and the rest of the Democrats and legacy media have fomented hatred and gaslighted about what Trump is and has done, the American people have cemented the lessons that they have learned from Trump. These lessons have permeated, and now replicated amongst those who voted for him, in many of the candidates who ran for elective office, and who are now elected representatives who still unapologetically support him.

What are some of those lessons?:

  • Stand for the Constitution and your Constitutional Rights.
  • To use a Wild West term, Dance with the one that brung yah. You serve the American people, not the special interests.
  • Stand for Life.
  • Push back against false narratives, and fight for what is true and right.

California is on the cusp of Recalling Governor Gavin Newsom because they are finally taking back their Constitutional rights. As California Assemblyman Kevin Kiley said of the people’s reaction to his and Asm. James Gallagher’s successful lawsuit against the Governor:


“maybe the Republic is not lost after all. Maybe our institutions are strong enough to get us through the challenges that we’re in.”

Government of the people, for the people, and by the people is making a comeback, and like it, or lump it, President Trump helped to reawaken it.

This philosophy and way of being will not end with Trump’s presidency. The new Trump Republicans now know they have at least two fighters in the Senate, and many others in the House. As they have with Trump during his four years, they will staunchly support and defend them.

In the past, the hierarchy of Darlings McConnell, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, have selected were planned, calculated, and commissioned by them. Darlings do not just burst on the scene—whether they are Republican or Democrat. You cannot just ride into Congress or the Senate and expect to have a voice—that’s so… Trumpist.

But that’s exactly how many in the 117th Congressional Class, who have been inspired and empowered by Trump, are handling themselves.

They are asserting their Constitutional rights, and asserting their commitment to serve the people who elected them:

CO Rep. Lauren Boebert,


NC Rep. Madison Cawthorne,

and FL Rep. Byron Donalds

And many others in federal and state houses. You see, Republicans are in a great hurry to wash Trump right out of their hair, failing to realize that what has been reproduced through Trump will only continue. And like a professionally done dye job, the colors will become richer with each shampoo.

Please don’t assume I am comparing Trump to Jesus—I am surely not. However, Jesus spoke of an agrarian principle in many of his parables, and this particular principle fits what is happening in the GOP:

Jesus said in John 12:24,

“Very truly, I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”


With this questionable election, the calamity at the Capitol last week, coupled with the shady second impeachment, Establishment Republicans, Democrats, and the legacy media assume that Trump and his influence is now dead. Thy are only paying attention to the single grain, when the fruit is growing, flourishing, and seeding itself throughout the nation.


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