Representative Tom McClintock Kicks Off the Re-Open Cal Now Public Policy Conference

California’s District 4 Representative Tom McClintock opened the first annual Re-Open Cal Now Public Policy Conference with a dig at Governor Gavin Newsom.

“For those of you who can’t see it—the mask, it says, ‘This mask is as useless as our governor’ ”.


The audience broke out into laughter and applause.

“It’s the only one I actually enjoy wearing!” McClintock interjected.

The Re-Open Cal Now Conference is being held from January 8-10 in Rancho Murieta, California at an Equestrian Center. Kind of appropriate, since our Governor and many of our elected officials have been making horse’s asses of themselves. However, the purpose of the Center was that the conference be as open air as possible in light of COVID restrictions. And speaking of that, because California is currently under another government-imposed lockdown, everyone who is attending the event (including yours truly) is in violation of said health department orders.

California leads the way….

KRCA-3 News issued a statement from the Sacramento County Public Health Officer Dr. Olivia Kasirye:

“ ‘This three-day, in-person conference, scheduled to take place in Sacramento County, is in violation of state and local health orders and has the potential to become a super-spreader event. This is exceedingly troubling as we are experiencing an unprecedented number of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Not only does this put the event attendees at risk, it puts the conference venue employees at risk of contracting COVID-19 and spreading it to their families.’ ”

McClintock made great hay of the hypocrisy that has been exhibited by federal, state, and local elected officials over Leftist, so-called Social Justice protests, and the opposite response to conservative or right-of-center peaceably assembling.


“I want to thank you, for inviting me to join you tonight for this Justice for George Floyd demonstration… This is very important to note, because according to multiple public health experts, that prevents this weekend’s conference from becoming a super spreader event. And if we’ve learned anything in the last 10 months, we must listen to the experts and follow the science wherever it leads. So many of our woke public health officials have told us according to the science, mostly peaceful, social justice protests are so important to public health as to dwarf any dangers from COVID-19.”

Then McClintock, with his trademark snark, brought the point home to what it really means:

“Now, of course, your life’s work, the ability to put food on your family’s table, to keep a roof over your family’s head, are non-essential jobs, it must be brutally eradicated by those who have essential jobs in order to protect you from using your own best judgment.

“But don’t worry, we just wrote everybody a check for $600.00, made possible from your family’s taxes. And we’ve also made a contribution of 700 million dollars to Afghanistan in your name. You’re very welcome.”

McClintock’s full keynote address can be listened to here, and he brings up salient points about what the science really does say about COVID-19, and how our government officials have done the complete opposite:

  • Children are the least vulnerable, yet we have closed schools, causing them to suffer.
  • The Elderly are the most vulnerable, yet we have let COVID infections run rampant in senior care homes, causing unnecessary deaths.
  • People with comorbidities like diabetes and obesity are at high risk, yet we have closed all the health and fitness centers, as well as restaurants, putting them at greater risk.
  • There is a multitude of evidence that show lockdowns do not work. What does our Governor do? Impose another lockdown.

McClintock rightly concludes,

“So perhaps the time has come to entertain the possibility that that we are indeed being governed by idiots[…]

“The problem is we have fixated on one danger to the exclusion of all else. These lockdowns are needlessly costing lives.”

The saving of lives and gathering tools to be able to do so, appears to be what this Re-Open Cal Now Public Policy Conference is all about. Sue Frost, Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, is one of the co-organizers of the event. She expressed to me her reasons for going against the grain to make this happen:

“We policy makers have a responsibility to our constituents to do our best, to do our homework, and to understand everything we can so that we can make informed decisions. So, we’re bringing experts from the field of radiology, medicine, clinical research, law, medications, constitutional law, economics, law enforcement. We’re going to talk to the experts, we’re going to get as much information as we can, so that we can advocate to Open Cal Now.”


According KRCA-3 News,

“Wagner said they invited the governor and state officials, but they will not be attending.”

The conference continues tomorrow with Assemblymembers Kevin Kiley (Rocklin) and James Gallagher (Yuba City) who successfully sued Governor Gavin Newsom over his Emergency Orders, and Sheriff Chad Bianco, who, in a viral video, stood up to Newsom’s latest round of lockdown orders and Newsom’s petulant threats to cut off funding to law enforcement for any County that did not comply.

The conference can also be streamed live via Facebook, YouTube, or the Re-Open Cal Now website.


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