The Newsom Chronicles, Episode 7: The Rona Got My Family!

Sadly, the Newsom Chronicles has not yet been canceled, but added a new episode. After King Gavin’s “Doubling Down on Stupid”, and new curfews, we have this curious development:


“California Gov. Gavin Newsom and his family are in isolation after three of his children were exposed to a California Highway Patrol officer who tested positive for COVID-19, Newsom said in a tweet late Sunday night.

“Newsom said that his entire family tested negative but will adhere to local guidance by quarantining for 14 days.

” ‘We are grateful for all the officers that keep our family safe and for every frontline worker who continues to go to work during this pandemic,’ Newsom tweeted.”

So now Governor Hair-Gel decides he needs to follow his own guidelines.

While some offered sympathy, the support has been, shall we say, underwhelming.

Just last week, his Hairfulness attended a birthday party at a high-end restaurant called the French Laundry, breaking his own COVID-19 guidelines. He offered an half-baked excuses apology, but photos released by Fox11 KTLA News only increased the outrage. King Gavin was hoisted by his own petard, tried to soft peddle it, and someone presented the receipts. Can you say hypocrisy, boys and girls?


Agreed, not to mention way to throw the California Highway Patrol under the bus. They have no choice in working to ensure your family’s safety, while you are aligned with the forces who are trying to end theirs. The Defund the Police movements have already moved to slash funding in major California cities, so unless it is written in our State Constitution, The Sacramento County Sheriff should just refuse to give him and his family a detail. He’s wealthy enough—go hire some private security. This is peak Newsom hypocrisy, if such a thing is possible.

One commentator’s olfactory senses went on high alert:

Me too! I was wondering what it was. The winds did shift last night…

It has been rumored, but not yet proven, that since March (when the lockdowns began), Governor Hair-Gel has regularly disappeared to his wife’s family farm in Montana. With spas and salons shuttered in the once-Golden State, there is no way M’Lord and Jennifer Siebel Newsom stay so well coiffed. He has proven that he will lay down requirements for others, while having no intention of following them himself; so, this writer’s olfactory senses smell a Newsom-Siebel Family Thanksgiving in Big Sky country.


I am taking bets, and our Deputy Managing Editor have allies on the ground to collect the oppo:

This is the woman who broke Throuple Katie Hill, so if it can be proven, she’ll make it happen.

But California citizens, particularly those who voted for Trump, have rightly had enough.

Many gathered in front of one of King Gavin’s domiciles to protest the newest set of curfew rules and lockdown orders.

Others gathered in what looks like a downtown area to protest:

And all the way to Southern California, the Beach cities are saying, “We will not comply.”


Here’s the kicker: Not ONE major news outlet has covered this; not even the local Sacramento stations. Tons of coverage about the Newsom family’s quarantine, and of course, the French Laundry debacle. But aside from the alternative media, these uprisings are persona non grata.

I guess there wasn’t enough looting and burning involved.

I am aligned with the others who are encouraging quieter protests. What better way to give the middle finger to King Gavin and his orders than by sending pictures of good food and good times with family and friends?

I may just do that, with my middle finger prominently placed in the photo.

Try to have a happy Thanksgiving week!


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