White Privilege Personified: Chelsea Handler and Lady A want Blacks to Mind Their Place

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On Wednesday, Comedian Chelsea Hander responded to 50 Cent’s endorsement of President Trump’s tax plan and pledge to vote for the Republican with this tweet:


On Friday, she decided to Blacksplain as she sat virtually with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. Handler continued to criticize 50 Cent:

“So he doesn’t want to pay 62 percent in taxes because he doesn’t want to go from ’50 Cent’ to ’20 Cent’ and I had to remind him that he was a Black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump and that he shouldn’t be influencing an entire swath of people who may listen to him because he’s worried about his own personal pocketbook.”

Handler’s entire Twitter feed is nothing but who to vote for (all Democrat or progressive, of course), defending “women’s rights”, and TDS retweets. Handler can sit up all day and influence people on voting and abortions, but if it doesn’t fit the approved Liberal agenda, 50 Cent shouldn’t be influencing others on what he believes.

As my colleague Nick Arama wrote,

“Pro tip? Just like with Joe Biden, being a black person doesn’t mean Democrats own your vote. And yes, he has a right to influence anyone he likes, because this is only the tip of the bad Biden policies that are going to adversely affect black people as well as other Americans.”

From Onesimus and smallpox, to the destruction of Black Wall Street in 1921, to Jack Daniels Whiskey, to Chuck Berry, white society has a long history of stealing or undermining Black success.


Apparently the newish page in the playbook is to now tell successful Blacks that you are only allowed to promote our agenda and our causes.

This is currently being played out with Lady Antebellum becoming born-again woke and changing their name to “Lady A”. Despite the fact that a Seattle-based Black (duh) blues singer named Anita White has built a decades-long career as “Lady A”. Antebellum’s response: Oops, our bad, but we’re still going to use your name and then sue you for it. Black Lady A said she was not giving up her brand and trademark, and is now countersuing; and good for her.

The dueling Lady As and Chelsea Handler are poster children of white privilege. Why white women in particular want to see Black men and women stripped is a subject that goes back as far as slavery.

But the usual “check your privilege” crowd has been strangely silent. Aside from sensible people, nobody in Hollywood has called Chelsea Handler out. Jimmy Fallon didn’t even have the decency to tell her this is not funny, and neither is she.

Nobody is demanding Handler be canceled. The typical message is that Chelsea Handler is working for the Democrat-progressive cause, so move along, nothing to see here.


Just like the Hunter Biden laptop mess, a day of reckoning will come for the Lady Antebellums and the Chelsea Handlers who assume it’s okay to culturally appropriate and shame Blacks who think for themselves. The latest polls show a 3-day increase of Black voter support of President Trump. So, perhaps a Trump re-election will be part of that comeuppance.

50 Cent responded to Handler today with this cryptic tweet.

The reference is Tony Montana from the movie Scarface, so who knows if 50 Cent is offering the demanded mea culpa, or just messing with her.

I hope it’s the latter.


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