German Study Pokes Yet Another Gaping Hole in Gender Ideology


Yet another study has been published showing that “gender-affirming care” is not exactly what the progressive left claims.

The Central Institute for Statutory Health Insurance in Germany has revealed findings similar to several other studies when it comes to minors experiencing gender dysphoria.

Researchers reviewed medical billing records of insured individuals ranging in age from five to 24 who had been diagnosed with gender dysphoria between 2013 and 2022. The study tracked these individuals over a nine-year period and found that 63.6 percent of trans-identifying children desisted from their gender diagnosis within about five years. “Only 36.4% had a confirmed [gender identity disorder] diagnoses after five years,” the study noted.

The study also found that about 72.4 percent of trans-identified youth had at least one other psychiatric condition. Depressive disorders were the most common. About 57.5 percent of females and 49.3 percent of males experienced some form of clinical depression. Anxiety disorders, emotionally unstable personality disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder were also prevalent among those being analyzed.

The researchers noted that when it comes young gender-confused people dealing with other mental health problems, their “results are consistent with the literature, at least for depressive disorders.”

Another interesting finding was the rise of gender dysphoria among young folks. It noted that the number of those identifying as trans increased by 289 percent.

“In almost all years, the highest prevalence of” transgender-related diagnoses “were found in the age group of 15- to 19-year-old female adolescents,” the report noted.

As for the reason for the increase, the researchers cited “increased awareness, decreasing stigmatization,” “social contagion,” and “overdiagnosis.”

These findings are similar to that of a recent Dutch study that found that the vast majority of children experiencing gender dysphoria grow out of it before becoming adults without the use of “gender-affirming care.”

So, if the science clearly indicates that most children grow out of gender dysphoria, why are progressives so hellbent on forcing potentially irreversible treatments on youngster? When one listens to the stories of the detransitioners who have detailed their experiences, it is abundantly clear that, at least in many cases, medical professionals and government-run schools rush into using “gender-affirming care” without considering alternative methods that do not require the use of damaging and irreversible treatments.

In light of this, it is difficult to imagine that those pushing “gender-affirming care” are doing so because they believe it is best for the children, given what the science actually says. These folks are more likely motivated by ideology and money. Progressive ideology says that gender is malleable, and that our biology has little to do with how we identify. If this is the case, they must push these treatments to further establish their ideology – even if it means harming children. Their objective is to erase the concept altogether.

Moreover, the gender identity industry has become quite lucrative, thanks to those pushing the ideology. Companies manufacturing puberty blockers and hormone treatments, along with the doctors who prescribe them, have been raking in the dough by pushing transgenderism on children.

Unfortunately, far too many children are suffering because people want to push a political gender ideology, while lining the pockets of those who benefit financially from the trend. At some point, there will be a reckoning. Indeed, this has already started, with detransitioners filing lawsuits against the medical professionals who tricked, cajoled, coerced, or otherwise compelled them and their parents that “gender-affirming care” was the best way to treat their mental health problems.

As more children become adults and realize how they have been harmed, there will likely be more legal action. While many red states have passed legislation limiting the practice, I believe the true change will come when courts rule against those who pushed children into these treatments without adequately informing them about the risks. At some point, doctors and manufacturers will desist when it starts hurting their wallets.


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