New Study Reveals Drastic Increase in Suicide Risk Post Gender-Affirming Surgery

AP Photo/John Hanna

The pro-trans crowd is not going to be happy about this one. Yet another groundbreaking study published in the journal “BMJ Mental Health” reveals some alarming, but not surprising, statistics regarding the mental health outcomes of people who go through “gender-affirming” surgery.

The study exposed the fact that those who undergo these treatments are at a significantly higher risk of attempting suicide compared to those who do not. While legacy media and the mainstream medical community will likely try to ignore these results, the fact remains that science is increasingly showing that the fixation on “gender-affirming care” for both adults and minors isn’t what its proponents are claiming it is.

The study, titled “Risk of Suicide and Self-Harm Following Gender-Affirmation Surgery,” looked at data from nearly 60 United States healthcare organizations. The analysis involved over 90 million patients and spanned two decades.

Researchers found that patients who went through “gender-affirming” surgery were about 12.12 times more likely to attempt suicide compared to those who did not. 

The researchers stopped short of suggesting that these surgeries should not be performed. They concluded that “Gender-affirming surgery is significantly associated with elevated suicide attempt risk, underlining the necessity for comprehensive post-procedure psychiatric support.”

The findings of this study are in line with several prior studies showing that gender surgeries, along with other forms of “gender-affirming care,” including puberty blockers and hormone treatments, do far more harm than good.

A Swedish study found that individuals who go through “gender-affirming” surgeries are at least 20 times more likely to attempt suicide than those who do not.

The United Kingdom has recently changed its policies regarding treating minors experiencing gender dysphoria, moving away from the “gender-affirming care” model due to a study published by Dr. Hilary Cass. The study showed that using puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries on kids not only failed to alleviate mental health issues but exacerbated them.

The policy change is rooted in concerns over the lack of long-term evidence that “gender-affirming care” treatments are safe and effective for minors. The decision represents a significant moment in the ongoing debate over how to treat children who are confused about their gender.

England's National Health Service banned the use of puberty blockers for children seeking treatment for gender dysphoria, citing limited research.

Puberty blockers, or gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogues (GnRHa), are a class of drugs that suppress sex hormones in adolescents by continually stimulating the pituitary gland. It will now only be available to children in limited ways, such as clinical trials.

The NHS's website said, "Puberty blockers (gonadotrophin-releasing hormone analogues) are not available to children and young people for gender incongruence or gender dysphoria because there is not enough evidence of safety and clinical effectiveness."

NHS England had previously ordered the London-based gender identity clinic at the Tavistock and Portman Trust to shut its doors amid safety concerns.

The shift comes amid various studies conducted in European nations showing that “gender-affirming care” not only provides no benefit to children with gender dysphoria but often causes more damage to their mental health. The NHS initiated a review in 2020 in which it decided that “all children being referred for treatment will from April instead attend two new clinics” instead of being treated at other medical facilities.

At this point, it seems like almost every month, a new study emerges showing that progressives are lying about the efficacy of “gender-affirming care.” Unfortunately, their lies are causing great harm to those who believe them – especially when it comes to children. However, at some point, this is a matter they won’t be able to ignore – especially when their victims decide to speak out and fight to hold people accountable for pushing this agenda.


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