Armed Mama Bear Shows Knife-Wielding Home Intruder Why it’s a Bad Idea to Mess With Her Family

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This story is one in a long series of reasons why I am so adamant about women owning firearms. In a situation like this heroic mother faced, females need to make sure they even the odds when confronted with a crazed male assailant.


On a day that seemed to be like any other, this mother’s world was turned upside down when a knife-wielding intruder broke into her home while she was spending time with her three children.

On Monday, Carroll County deputies received a call from the mother's husband, who was working in Greenwood. The man told deputies that a knife-wielding man was attempting to enter his home in the Gravel Hill area.

According to the press release, he told officers that his wife and three children were hiding in a closet. The husband proceeded to describe the suspect and the suspect's vehicle.

The news release said when deputies arrived at the family’s home, the suspect, identified as 44-year-old Steve Lamar Goss Jr., had already driven away.

Deputies said before Goss left, he drove his truck into the home’s dining room area after he could not kick the front door down.

While this was occurring, the mother and her three children were hiding in the closet also known as the family's designated safe room. The mother prayed, and the children recited scripture.

According to the press release, Goss had found the family hiding in the closet. As he entered the closet, still holding a knife, the mother shot him. Goss then fled the scene.

The shot hit the assailant in the arm before he fled for dear life. The Carrol County Sheriff’s Office commended the father and mother for her quick thinking and bravery.

“We can all learn a lot from this family about the importance of having an emergency plan in place in our homes and most importantly the power of prayer," Walker said in the press release. "I thank the Lord for this father’s preparation; the bravery shown by the mother and children, and that what could have been a tragedy was transformed into a testimony of their faith in God."


The mother’s actions were not only a display of courage, but also an important reminder of the importance of preparing for unforeseen dangers. Everyone, especially gun owners, should have a plan in place that everyone in the household can follow if they are faced with a home intruder or another threat. Having a plan can give any homeowner the edge over would-be burglars and robbers. 

What is also noteworthy about this case is that Carroll County’s crime rate is low compared to other areas. It is a pretty safe location in which to live. But, as this mother’s story confirms, even living in a low-crime area does not necessarily ensure that one will not have to face danger. This family’s decision to exercise their Second Amendment rights likely saved the lives of the mother and her children.


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