Asylum Seeker Carries Out Terrorist Attack in United Kingdom as Revenge for Israeli Strikes Against Hamas

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In another troubling turn of events, an asylum seeker in the United Kingdom has been arrested on suspicions of carrying out a terrorist attack.

The details surrounding the matter are sparse, as law enforcement and the media are not providing much information on the alleged incident as of this writing. But it appears that the individual told the police that he sought to avenge those who have lost their lives in the Gaza Strip amid the war between Israel and Hamas, according to The Telegraph.


An asylum seeker bent on avenging deaths in Gaza has carried out a suspected terrorist attack in Britain, The Telegraph can disclose.

The public has not been told that the man, who came to the UK in 2020, told police he had done it for “Palestine”.

MPs said on Friday night that the public had a right to know, amid warnings that demonstrations this weekend could encourage so-called lone-wolf terrorist attacks.

The world is on high alert for such attacks after the United States issued a “worldwide caution” to its citizens to be extra vigilant wherever they live.

The report noted that “the details that can reported are highly restricted for legal reasons,” but the suspect “said after his arrest that he had done it because Israel had killed children in Gaza.”

Senior politicians have questioned why such information has not been made public at a time when the police and security services are on high alert for terrorist attacks motivated by the Israel-Gaza war.

A security source said: “They may be downplaying it so that they don’t have repeat attacks or copycat attacks.”

This comes after several terrorist attacks occurred in Europe after the war began on October 7 when Hamas launched a surprise attack against Israel, killing over 1,000 Israelis – many of whom are civilians.

The first occurred in France during the “Day of Rage” called by a former Hamas leader shortly after Israel launched a counterattack against Hamas.


A Jewish teacher died in Arras, France, after a reported asylum seeker shouted "Allahu akbar!" and went on a stabbing rampage. Two others, including a security guard, were gravely wounded. The attacker was taken into custody.

French authorities have opened anti-terror investigations after one person was killed and two others seriously injured in a knife attack at a school in the northeast town of Arras.

Local police say a man armed with a knife killed a teacher and left two other people wounded in a high school in the town of almost 41,000 people on Friday morning. The attacker has since been arrested.

An Israeli diplomat in China was also stabbed on the same day. He survived the attack.

Another attack occurred in Brussels, when an ISIS terrorist shot two Swedish citizens to death. They had traveled to Belgium to watch a soccer match.

Witnesses report that the gunman, clad in "a crash helmet and fluorescent jacket" whilst wielding a "Kalashnikov-style" weapon, approached the taxi on a scooter and opened fire, all while shouting, "Allahu Akbar." He apparently also fired on a man in a nearby building, but no other details are available at this time.

The terrorist said he killed the individuals as revenge for the tragic stabbing death of a six-year-old Palestinian boy in Illinois.

As of this writing, no American media outlets have reported on the terrorist attack in the United Kingdom -- and in the UK, just the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, and the Daily Express.


In response to escalating concerns about future terrorist attacks, the United Kingdom’s counter-terror officials have highlighted the risks associated with illegal immigrants coming into the country from various parts of the world, including those rife with violence.

While American and British media are largely ignoring the story, it does raise concerns about more attacks coming from lone wolves or small groups of terrorists. As the fighting in Israel and Gaza intensifies, so too will demonstrations in the West from people supporting either side of the war. Emotions have been running high in the two weeks since the war broke out, and this could lead to increased violence – even in the United States.



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