Ammunition Company Strikes Back: Offers FREE Shipping to New Mexico Residents in Defiance of Gun Ban

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Even though New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s “emergency” order banning the carrying of firearms in Albuquerque doesn’t stand a chance of surviving court challenges or even curbing gun violence, it has done wonders for mobilizing the pro-Second Amendment community. On Saturday, residents held a rally protesting the order, and gun rights groups have filed a slew of lawsuits challenging the order. But at least one gun company is doing its part to support the residents of New Mexico.


Fenix Ammunition, a Michigan-based supplier, announced that it would be waiving its shipping costs for gun owners in the state. The company has been a fierce critic of the governor’s order and even cautioned law enforcement about enforcing it.

Shortly after the order was issued, the company explained that it would be waiving the shipping charge. It appears that New Mexicans are taking Fenix Ammunition up on their offer.


Justin Nazaroff, CEO of Fenix Ammunition, told RedState that the governor’s order is “obviously unconstitutional” and said we are “in a world where governors simply ignore the Constitution and are happy to force their constituents to file lawsuits to challenge them.”

If we don't, their orders stand, and their power increases.  If we do, we STILL risk losing the lawsuit to a partisan court at worst, but at best, all we do is spend money to hire lawyers to get right back to where we were in the first place.

Nazaroff continued:

We saw this here in Michigan with Gretchen Whitmer's unconstitutional COVID orders which were ultimately struck down, but not until many months after they were passed and enforced upon the population.

The only real solution is to immediately defy these kinds of orders publicly, loudly, and in large masses.   

Since we're in Michigan, the best I can do is ensure that Gov. Grisham's prisoners are well armed.


The debate over the governor’s violation of gun rights heated up after Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen announced on Monday that he would refuse to enforce the order. The governor wasn’t too happy about his remarks and issued a harsh response. It is likely that the order will be struck down in court. But one thing is clear: This situation shows that there are still plenty of Americans who aren’t willing to back down when the government takes actions that violate their natural rights.



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