A Black Man Was Unfairly Denied Bail. Why Aren't Progressives Shouting 'Systemic Racism' This Time?

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Picture this: A black man is being indicted for a nonviolent crime. Upon surrendering himself to the courthouse, the white judge summarily refuses to release him on bail because he is accused of assaulting an FBI agent. This, despite the fact that his white co-defendants, some charged with much worse, were released on bail.


A case like this would normally be ripe for the picking for members of the left-wing chattering class, wouldn’t it? It’s the type of scene that would attract the likes of Benjamin Crump, Al Sharpton, and others who supposedly serve as stalwart champions in the fight against systemic racism and injustice.

But not in the case of Harrison Floyd, the only black man indicted in Fulton County with former President Donald Trump and 17 other white co-defendants. The judge, for an absurd reason, is denying Floyd his freedom because, well, you know. As RedState's Jim Thompson wrote:

One would assume that, under a "worst case" each of the remaining 18 defendants would have the same opportunity to post a bond based on the same, simple addition. Floyd has been charged with three counts: Count 1, Count 30, and Count 31. Three counts should equal a $100,000 bond. But not for Floyd. He was denied bail altogether.

During his preliminary hearing and following Judge Richardson reading him his rights, she inquired if there was any “criminal history” for her to consider regarding the issue of bond. Someone for Fulton County “Pretrial Services” said that Mr. Floyd had a “prior” dated from May 2023: a charge of simple assault on an FBI agent. Floyd correctly said that that the charge was an allegation and added he didn’t have a criminal history. He doesn't

Richardson said she “knew it was just an allegation” and then proceeded to deny bail. Richardson, knowing that Floyd was in detention and was unrepresented, didn’t make any further inquiry regarding Floyd’s likelihood to appear for future hearings or if he was a candidate to re-offend. She didn’t ask if he had any family, or if he had a job or was supporting anyone. Floyd has a daughter at home. Richardson didn’t ask any other questions that someone trying to determine if Floyd was a flight risk could or should pose. In short, she didn’t do her job.


So let’s get this perfectly clear. This white judge is denying bail to a black man because he was accused of having committed a violent crime. Floyd has no other criminal history we are aware of. But for some reason, she determines he is a flight risk.

Does this case not have all the hallmarks of the type of ingrained racism in our system that leftists would normally show up to protest? What was the real reason Floyd is being treated differently? Is he not entitled to the presumption of innocence, just like any other American?

The silence from the usual players in this game is deafening but not at all surprising. Those who scream the loudest against the notion of systemic racism are those who care about it the least. The way you can tell whether someone truly believes what they say is by watching how they move when applying their stated principles does not benefit them. The reason why we are not hearing from the Sharptons and Crumps of the world is because Harrison Floyd has the wrong political affiliation. That is the only reason.

If these people actually believed what came out of their mouths, they would speak out against this unfair decision from the judge regardless of the politics involved. This is why I constantly point out that so-called progressive types do not view racism as a problem to be solved but as a tool to be used. For these people, race issues are nothing more than a convenient cudgel to be wielded against political opposition—nothing more, nothing less. The reality that they are willing to turn a blind eye to Floyd’s situation further demonstrates that they would rather prioritize politics over the principles they claim to hold. But, as I said earlier, none of this is a surprise, is it?



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