Texas Is Taking a Stand Against Gender Ideology in Sports. That’s a Good Thing

The debate over gender ideology has been multifaceted. One of the points of contention is related to the wide world of sports, especially in K-12 schools and universities. Progressives have been vociferous in their arguments in favor of biological males competing with biological females in women’s sports. Yet, Americans who still have their sanity see how absurd this idea is.

But what is even more absurd is the fact that Texas had to pass a bill requiring athletes to compete in sports that align with their birth sex.

And what is even more crazy is that while Gov. Greg Abbott was signing the bill, there are a number of protesters who were irate because they want men to be involved in women’s sports:

Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday signed into law the so-called Save Women’s Sports Act, banning transgender athletes from competing at the collegiate level in Texas — a move activists say represents the latest effort to winnow rights away from LGBTQ people and ostracize them from day-to-day life.

The signing at the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame on the campus of Texas Woman’s University was ceremonial; Abbott first put his signature to Senate Bill 15 in June. He was joined Monday by several conservative Texas lawmakers and two female former college swimmers who say they were made to feel uncomfortable or put at a competitive disadvantage because of a transgender athlete’s presence in their sport.

The law builds on legislation previously signed by Abbott in 2021 that limits the ability of trans K-12 athletes in Texas public schools to play sports on teams corresponding to their gender identity.

Plenty of people turned out to protest against the law. To them, the notion that men should be allowed in women’s sports is sacrosanct, consequences to women be damned:

Amid chants of “protect trans lives,” dozens of people—including members of the LGBTQ community—stood outside Texas Woman’s University with a message for Governor Greg Abbott about the new state law requiring athletes at public colleges and universities to compete on teams the same as their biological sex.

“I think he needs to realize trans people are people, trans Texans are Texans, and his legislation is supposed to protect Texans. But he’s not protecting trans people, he’s hurting trans people,” said one student named Eliot.

Another resident said they were present at the ceremony to stand “against the flood of legislation that has been attacking trans people” and that they wanted to “stand up and say we don’t agree with Greg Abbott attacking trans athletes.”

In fact, the demonstrations became so heated that trans activists physically assaulted an individual advocating for the safety of women’s spaces. Michelle Evans, an activist who argues against men in women’s sports, was leaving the event when a swarm of protesters surrounded her.

While it is ridiculous that a law like this is even needed, it is a step in the right direction. The government should not be in the business of allowing biological males to compete with biological females in sports – especially when it concerns state-run institutions.

There are obvious reasons why it makes no sense to allow transgender individuals to compete in sports that do not correspond to their sex. Men have a clear physical advantage over women, despite what crazed progressives would have you think. This means that female athletes will be cheated out of opportunities because they are forced to compete against opponents that have a much easier time winning. In short, it creates an unfair system.

Another issue is the lack of physical safety and privacy. Including biological males in women’s sports could threaten both. There have already been several high-profile cases in which transgender females have caused serious injuries to biological females. Moreover, allowing progressives to get their way in this debate means that women will have to change clothes in private spaces in front of biological males, violating their sense of security and comfort levels.

Yet, those who want biological men to compete against women care about none of these concerns. If a few women get injured from competing against men, it’s worth it. After all, you know what they say about having to break a few eggs to make an omelet, right? In everything, the political agenda must come first even if it means harming more people. Luckily, more states are passing legislation to protect women from the progressive agenda, which will make it harder for men to invade their spaces.


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