Shots Fired: Brave Michigan Gun Owner Stops Robbery in Its Tracks

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Here’s another story about a good guy with a gun defending himself and others. This time, the altercation took place in Oak Park, Michigan.

On Tuesday, a concealed carry permit holder prevented a would-be robber from endangering himself and a friend—by using his firearm.


Here’s how it went down:

Multiple people called Oak Park Public Safety about 5 a.m. Tuesday about shots fired in a parking lot of the Loop Apartments near I-696 and Greenfield Road.

Oak Park Public Safety Lt. Marlon Benson said officers responded and found a small SUV with bullet holes in it and more than 10 shell casings near the vehicle.

Two men had visited with someone at the apartment complex and were outside when Thedford pulled up in the SUV with a handgun, Benson said.

“He just rolled up on them and announced a robbery,” Benson said. “He said, ‘Give me all your stuff.’”

One of the two men Thedford targeted had a concealed pistol license and a gun, Benson said, adding that the man used his gun to defend himself and exchanged shots with the suspect.

Neither of the two men targeted suffered any injuries, but Thedford was struck and wounded, police said.

Thedford fled on foot away from the SUV he was driving, police said.

When they arrived, police officers spoke to the two men that investigators say Thedford tried to rob before he was wounded.

Officers found the suspect outside on the apartment complex grounds.

“He was injured and we followed the blood track to find him,” Benson said.

Thedford was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for his gunshot wounds, but is expected to recover, Benson said Friday.


Thedford is facing charges of illegally possessing a firearm and possessing a firearm while committing a felony. He has a prior felony conviction on his record, according to reports, but law enforcement has not disclosed the nature of the offense.

This must have been a harrowing experience for the two men who were about to be robbed – or worse. Thanks to the victim’s ability to defend himself, the targeted individuals were able to escape unharmed while the suspect sustained gunshot wounds. The incident is another that demonstrates the potential effectiveness of carrying a firearm for personal protection and highlights the critical role of responsible gun ownership.

The targeted individual in this case demonstrated the responsible use of his firearm by defending himself without causing harm to innocent bystanders. This action serves as a reminder that law-abiding citizens with firearms can contribute to public safety when confronted with life-threatening situations. In fact, this particular situation, as well as most others, shows that relying on the government to protect you will only result in disaster. This individual understood that he is the first line of defense if he is accosted by a criminal.


The Oak Park incident serves as a vivid example of how carrying a firearm responsibly can also act as a deterrent against criminals. It underscores the importance of owning a gun, receiving adequate training, and adhering to legal and ethical responsibilities associated with firearm ownership.

While each person’s decision to carry a firearm is a personal decision, this case highlights the potential benefits of being prepared to defend oneself in dangerous situations. Responsible firearm ownership, combined with a commitment to public safety, can contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities alike.



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