The Tide Is Turning in the Gender Identity Debate, but There Is Still More Work to Do

AP Photo/Patrick Orsagos

There is some good news related to the battle to protect children from progressive efforts to indoctrinate them into dangerous ideas related to gender identity. Recent developments suggest that the tide is turning against those who seek to bully people into accepting the mutilation of children and questionable medical procedures ostensibly designed to help them “transition” to the opposite gender. To put it simply: Public opinion is on our side.

The United Kingdom, as well as other Western European nations, have been using the “gender-affirming care” model for decades — long before the United States adopted it. But now, these countries have realized that this route is not exactly the healthiest for young ones. The U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS), announced that it would only “commission puberty suppressing hormones as part of clinical research” rather than just prescribing it to everyday children:

We are now going out to targeted stakeholder testing on an interim clinical commissioning policy proposing that, outside of a research setting, puberty suppressing hormones should not be routinely commissioned for children and adolescents who have gender incongruence/dysphoria.

This is a significant development. But a recent poll from Gallup also carries some positive news. Public opinion is staunchly opposed to much of the progressive gender ideology that it has been trying to force on the rest of the population.

Gallup recently released the results of the survey finding that 69 percent of respondents believe transgender athletes should only be allowed to compete in sports that match their biological gender. This includes a whopping 48 percent of Democrats. The poll also showed that 55 percent of Americans believe it is “morally wrong” to change one’s gender. This shows that those opposing the progressive transgender agenda are making strides in the culture war.

Last Month, yet another survey showed Americans soundly rejecting progressive gender ideology:

The survey found that around 57 percent of adults do not accept the notion that gender can deviate from biological sex, while 43 percent believe it could differ.

The poll also found significant resistance toward child sex changes. Almost 70 percent of adults expressed disapproval of permitting medication that halts puberty for children aged 10 to 14, while nearly 60 percent opposed providing hormone treatments to 15- to 17-year-olds. However, a majority of respondents supported gender-affirming counseling or therapy, with over 60 percent in favor of it for both age groups.

Similarly, over 60 percent of adults believe that transgender girls and women should not be permitted to participate in sports designated for females, such as those in the professional, college, high school, and youth levels.

If this trend continues, then eventually the United States will follow the U.K.’s lead. The question is: When will this happen?

It is not easy to predict. While these factors are positive signs, the hard left is still working dilligently to trans children and indoctrinate a new generation of Marxist activists. Red states have passed laws preventing medical professionals from victimizing children through gender ideology, but blue states like California and cities like Kansas City have passed legislation granting sanctuary to children who wish to undergo “gender-affirming care” even without their parents’ knowledge or permission.

In California and other states, leftist lawmakers have begun proposing legislation that could potentially criminalize parents who refuse to affirm their child’s chosen identity by labeling it child abuse. These efforts might not succeed today, but if those on the right fail to effectively fight this culture war, the left could garner enough support for such measures.

Even now, progressives, with the help of the Biden administration, are trying to force therapists to adopt the “gender-affirming care” model by labeling other approaches as “conversion therapy.” They seek to use the power of the state to compel therapists, educators, and others to encourage kids to “transition” to the opposite sex even if they are suffering from other mental health issues that have nothing to do with gender dysphoria.

It’s going to be a long battle, unfortunately. There is no telling how many children will suffer from what the hard left is pushing. But these developments tell us that we will eventually defeat this beast if we don’t let up.



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