Orwellian Nightmare: Amazon's Disturbing Power Over Your Smart Home

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Normally, I would start an article like this by writing something to the effect of “prepare to be shocked.” But it’s 2023, and things are so crazy, that I doubt there is anything that could surprise you, dear reader. Nevertheless, this story reaffirms the fact that corporations are just as gung-ho about threatening our liberty as the government. A popular YouTuber read a letter from one of his viewers detailing rather sordid, and Orwellian, actions on the part of Amazon.

A viewer named Brandon Jackson describes his frustrating experience with Amazon in a letter to YouTube host Louis Rossman. He also wrote an article about it on Medium. He recounts how his Amazon account was unexpectedly locked for a week, resulting in his smart home devices, which are primarily operated through Amazon Echo devices with Alexa, being completely shut down.

Why you ask? Because of raaaaaycissm! From the letter:

The sequence of events that led to this digital exile began innocuous enough. A package was delivered to my house on Wednesday, May 24th, and everything seemed fine. The following day, however, I found that my Echo show had signed out and I was unable to interact with my smart home devices. My initial assumption was that somebody might have attempted to access my account repeatedly, triggering a lockout.

Jackson continued, explaining that he called a customer service number and was told that he was supposed to have received an email regarding the incident. He checked his email and found a note from an Amazon executive, who he promptly called. 

“When I connected with the executive, they asked if I knew why my account had been locked,” he wrote. “When I answered, I was unsure, their tone turned somewhat accusatory.”

“I was told that the driver who had delivered my package reported receiving racist remarks from my ‘Ring doorbell,’” he wrote.

Jackson continued:

Here’s where things got even more baffling. First, I have multiple cameras recording everything that happens on my property. If the driver’s claims were accurate, I could easily verify them with video footage. Second, most delivery drivers in my area share the same race as me and my family. It seemed highly unlikely that we would make such remarks. Finally, when I asked what time the alleged incident occurred, I realized it was practically impossible for anyone in my house to have made those comments, as nobody was home around that time (approximately 6:05 PM).

The author insisted that his Eufy doorbell plays an automated response that says “Excuse me, can I help you?” which is apparently a popular question Ku Klux Klan members ask when they see a black person they want to assault.

Jokes aside, this story is scary on multiple levels. For starters, one should think twice about living in a smart home, where many devices are connected to the internet through servers owned by Amazon and other companies.

For those who don’t know, a smart home refers to a residence equipped with various internet-connected devices and automation systems that can be controlled remotely or automatically. These devices and systems are designed to enhance convenience, efficiency, and security within the home. Through the use of smart home technology, homeowners can remotely manage and monitor aspects such as lighting, temperature, security cameras, appliances, and entertainment systems, often using voice commands or smartphone applications.

Imagine what would happen if a company could arbitrarily shut down these devices and appliances simply because they thought you said a bad word? What if they found out you espouse conservative or libertarian beliefs and the company is populated by fully ESG-inspired commies? Can you imagine what these feckless authoritarians would do if they had the power to shut down your entire home?

This is already bad enough, but if you read enough of my work, you know where I’m going next.

What would happen if the government were able to slither its way into this trend? The Twitter Files already showed us how the government is actively pressuring social media platforms to suppress content that contradicts the state-approved narrative on issues like elections and the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not difficult to imagine that in the future, they might collaborate with Amazon executives to shut down people’s homes as a way of punishing them for having the wrong thoughts.

Don’t think it could happen?

Perhaps you should check out my piece about a survey showing that 29 percent of Americans under the age of 30 would approve of the government placing cameras in everyone’s home to prevent crime and abuse. If this is the case, we better get even more vigilant and start educating the younger generations about the importance of liberty and the dangers of an all-too-powerful government.

Here is the video if you want to check it out:


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