Unprecedented Gun Control: Democrats in Government Are Trying to Disarm Young Americans

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The anti-gunners are at it again. Democrats in Congress, having failed to pass their radical anti-gun agenda, are putting forth another bill that would prevent a wide swath of Americans from keeping and bearing arms.


Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) has introduced legislation in Washington, D.C., to raise the federal age for purchasing semiautomatic firearms from 18 to 25. Citing reports from law enforcement officials and experts, Moskowitz emphasizes that individuals between the ages of 15 and 25 are at the highest risk of becoming mass shooters due to developmental changes and societal pressures.

In a statement, the lawmaker highlighted that a significant majority of gun violence and mass shootings since 2020 have been carried out by individuals under 25. Moskowitz has a history of successfully passing gun violence prevention measures, including the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act in Florida.

“Our communities are plagued by gun violence. What will it take to protect our children? We can’t continue to needlessly endure heartbreak after heartbreak as our public places become targets of violence,” Moskowitz argued in a statement. “We no longer need moments of silence; we need moments of action. I refuse to think that nothing can get done.”

The proposal is being met with criticism from supporters of gun rights. The Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) released a statement criticizing the proposed legislation:

Sadly, Congressman Moskowitz and his colleagues need to be reminded that the People’s right to acquire, keep, bear, and possess arms, including firearms, for all lawful purposes is a natural right, and in the United States, an enumerated right. These rights fall outside the purview of legislators. The immoral policy preferences of legislators are simply not part of the debate regarding rights that do not emanate from legislatures, but rather are intrinsic to all People naturally.

The naked depravity of such a measure, publicly seeking to disarm and disadvantage millions of American families should be immediately called out for what it is– the use of state violence and armed government agents to deprive the People of their fundamental rights as any such proposal will necessitate an enforcement mechanism.


Opponents of Moskowitz’s legislation argue that raising the age to purchase semiautomatic firearms from 18 to 25 is an unjustified infringement on the Second Amendment rights of young adults. They are right.

Moskowitz’s proposal unfairly restricts law-abiding citizens from exercising their constitutional right to self-defense and gun ownership. It is important to note that the majority of individuals under the age of 25 are responsible gun owners who use firearms for lawful purposes such as hunting, sport shooting, and personal protection. Punishing this entire age group based on the actions of a small fraction of individuals is an overreach that undermines individual liberties and makes responsible Americans more vulnerable to criminals.

Moreover, the bill would specifically bar young adults from owning semiautomatic firearms. Anyone who knows about guns understands that the vast majority of guns would fall under this category, meaning that these individuals effectively would not be able to arm themselves.

If passed, this would be a massive overreach. It would turn millions of undeserving Americans into criminals and deprive them of the means to defend themselves. Those living in high-crime areas would be most affected because the criminals in their communities will happily disobey the laws and victimize others who are not armed.


It is unlikely this legislation will pass in a GOP-controlled House, but it does not mean that Democrats won’t stop trying. Indeed, they are trying to impose similar legislation at the state level. The question is: Will they succeed?


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