Florida Teacher Faces Backlash for Showing 'Strange World' Movie With Gay Crush in Classroom

Parents object when a Florida teacher showed a movie with an LGBTQ character to fifth graders. (Credit: Twitter)

Here we go again. Another teacher is in hot water for presenting LGBTQ-related material to young students in a Florida school.

Teacher Jenna Barbee of the Hernando County School District in Florida is being investigated by the Florida Department of Education for showing a movie called “Strange World” in her classroom, which features a gay character with a crush on another man. The students she teaches are 10 years old.


Barbee defended her actions, claiming that she had obtained signed permission slips from parents to show PG-rated movies and accused critics of trying to eliminate representation from schools. During a school board meeting, Barbee accused board member Shannon Rodriguez of having outdated beliefs and attempting to remove her from the classroom.

In a post on TikTok, Barbee said critics want to “get rid of every form of representation out of our schools.”

The teacher explained that she was told that “our method for approval by administration of showing movies was to have a signed parent permission slip for PG movies” and that “the whole fifth grade team had signed permission slips for PG movies with no objections to specific content.”

“The reason I was turned in is because one of the split students was a school board member’s daughter,” Barbee continued. “That school board member is currently on a rampage to get rid of every form of representation out of our schools.”

The teacher also commented on how she tries to make her students feel loved. “I tell my students every day that I love them cuz they don’t hear it at home. I pray Shannon’s child doesn’t end up being gay, because then she won’t hear it at home either. People like her are the problem,” she said, taking a shot at Rodriguez.


“Ms. Barbee chose to show a PG movie without approval,” Rodriguez responded, also noting that when she asked the school’s principal about the showing of the movie, she was informed that it had not been approved.

“While Ms. Barbee is busy taking the light off herself and playing the victim, the real victims are our children,” Rodriguez added.

Jenna Barbee’s decision to show the movie “Strange World” in her classroom without obtaining proper approval raises valid concerns about her judgment and professionalism as an educator. The approval process exists for a reason – to ensure that the materials shown to students are appropriate and align with the educational objectives of the school.

To be fair, she could be telling the truth about misunderstanding the approval process. She mentioned earlier in the video that this was her first year as a teacher. However, her comments about parents who might not approve of allowing their children to watch a movie that has these themes betray the contempt she has for people who disagree with her on these issues. It is also indicative of the attitude many on the left have towards parents concerned about what is being shown to their children in public schools.



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