Indictment Fallout: Polls Show Trump's Support Among Republicans Surges

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Even before New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg decided to use his office to target former President Donald Trump, it was clear to many that such a move would only work in the former president’s favor. Now that the Democrats have gotten their indictment of the Orange Man What Is Bad™, it seems those who predicted a favorable outcome for Trump are being validated, according to the data.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll published on Thursday showed that America is divided on whether Trump should be indicted and convicted. Not surprisingly, the findings of the study fall along partisan lines.

The poll revealed that 49 percent of Americans believe “it was right for prosecutors to pursue the first criminal case against a U.S. president or former president,” according to the report.

Reuters continued:

But the finding underscores the political divide on so many matters revolving around Trump. Some 84% of self-described Democrats said the charges were merited, while only 16% of Republicans agreed.

Some 40% of Republicans said the case made them more likely to vote for Trump in 2024, while 12% said it made them less likely to support him. Another 38% said it had no impact.

Even more interesting is how participants responded when asked whether they believe Trump paid porn star Stormy Daniels and model Karen McDougal hush money to keep quiet about their sexual trysts. About 73 percent of respondents believed this happened, which included 55 percent of Republicans.

But even more telling is that 76 percent of Republican respondents believe the district attorney’s office is using the justice system to “delegitimize” the former president. About 34 percent of Democrats concurred.

Now, for the icing on the cake.

The poll also revealed that President Trump’s support among Republicans has jumped considerably with 58 percent indicating they preferred him as the nominee. This is a substantial increase from the Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted on Monday showing him at 48 percent support among GOP voters.

But let’s go even further.

A Yahoo! News/YouGov poll released just after reports of a potential indictment surfaced indicated an increase in support among Republican voters. It showed that 57 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning voters indicated they would rather have Trump as the GOP presidential nominee while about 31 percent said they preferred Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. When the same poll was conducted two weeks before, Trump led DeSantis 47 percent to 39 percent.

As it stands currently, the only ones who think the indictment against Trump should affect his chances of becoming president again are those who already don’t want him to win in the first place. Democrats are the primary ones who believe Bragg’s prosecution of the former president is a valid one that should affect Trump’s chances of winning.

However, this whole debacle has only energized the base further. Indeed, it provided the shot in the arm that Trump’s campaign needed – even though he was already leading DeSantis. This is the type of issue that will ensure he picks up the nomination.

But there is a caveat.

The Stormy Daniels matter is only one of several pending legal actions that might be levied against Trump. There is also the Fulton County, Georgia election interference investigation that is still outstanding. Authorities are working to ascertain whether the former president was involved in efforts to unfairly influence the outcome of the election. Others might also be caught up in the probe for lying under oath and other offenses. There are a few more that could be an issue.

If Democrats are able to wage lawfare against the president, they could throw case after case at him. It is highly possible that none of these will result in convictions or anything serious. But it could possibly make Trump a less attractive candidate because of all of the drama attached to his name. People could become fatigued with constantly hearing his name in the news in relation to another legal matter.

However, the opposite is also possible. Perhaps that plan will backfire. Maybe each case the Democrats try to use against him will only further enrage the base and motivate them to show up at the polls in both the primary and general elections. At this point, anything is possible.

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