Republicans’ Idea of ‘Winning’ Is Not the Same as Your Idea of ‘Winning’

AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File

As if you need another reason to conclude that the Republican Party is not worth supporting, here’s another. According to a recent report, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has been making oodles of cash to helm a sinking ship.

The Washington Examiner reported that McDaniel was paid $122,582 in 2017, her first year serving as chairwoman. Nothing too crazy there, right?

But the report goes on to note that from January 2022 through November 2022, McDaniel made $358,431. In 2020, she raked in a whopping $410,640. That’s right, folks, she doubled her salary while presiding over a series of crushing losses for the GOP.

It is also worth mentioning that McDaniel’s raise saw her being paid for more than her predecessor, Reince Priebus, who made $257,782 in 2016, the highest he ever made while serving as RNC chairman.

The Washington Examiner also pointed out:

The pay increases for McDaniel came as the GOP lost the majority in the House after the 2018 midterm elections and lost the Senate and White House after the 2020 elections. McDaniel is facing a challenge for reelection as RNC chairwoman after a lackluster showing by the GOP in the 2022 midterm elections, with Republicans only winning back the House by a narrow margin.

Republicans’ poor performance in 2022 was the latest in a series of losses the GOP has suffered while McDaniel has led the party’s primary campaigning arm.

And this, dear reader, is why I’ve been saying that Republicans don’t want to win – at least not in the way that you do. Indeed, if the past few decades have shown us anything, it is this: When Republicans win elections, it doesn’t mean we the people win.

The issue is that Republican leadership doesn’t care much about winning elections. Sure, they will take victories when they can get it. But when it comes to folks like McDaniel, McCarthy, McConnell, and the rest of the gang, they are content with any outcome as long as they continue to hold on to power.

But even when they do manage to eke out victories, do they ever do anything significant with the power they won? Ask yourself this: Can you remember the last time Republicans actually shrunk the federal government in any meaningful way?

Sure, they will do some tax cuts here and there. President Donald Trump removed a lot of regulations. Good on him. But I’m sure you will remember the GOP pushing back against his agenda – especially on immigration. Moreover, the federal government grew by 2 million employees under Trump’s term in office.

Nevertheless, Republicans in Congress still put on quite a show, just as they did when they pretended they wanted to abolish the IRS and ATF. Any sane person can see that when they put those bills forward, they knew they would never stand a chance in the Senate. Why did they never attempt this when they had control of the White House and both chambers of Congress?

The reality is that Republicans are not serious about liberty. They are not truly trying to roll back the state. The GOP’s leadership is doing exactly what they have been doing for decades: Preserving the status quo and pretending to be a foil to the Democrats.

To put it simply, they are lying to you.

The fact that McDaniel can make hundreds of thousands of dollars to lose and lose and lose some more shows that these people are concerned only with their personal victories, not yours. There has to be a better way, right?



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