Matt Walsh Goes Full Authoritarian, Suggests the US Should Be More Like Singapore

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In case you needed another reason why conservatism is losing, look no further than some recent tweets posted by the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh. On Monday, he advocated for the U.S. to adopt draconian laws to punish drug dealers and petty thieves.


The podcaster took to Twitter to suggest that the United States should emulate Singapore in how it deals with drug dealers and petty thieves. He wrote:

Singapore is able to have nice things in part because they execute drug dealers by hanging and arrest even petty vandals and thieves and beat them with a cane until they bleed. We don’t have nice things because we aren’t willing to do what is required to maintain them.

He then affirmed that he is calling on the United States to pass similar laws to punish criminals:

There are some accusing me of advocating similar laws in this country and I just want to clarify that yes absolutely I want those laws in this country

Naturally, Walsh’s comments received a firestorm of criticism with many pointing out that it violated the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition on “cruel and unusual punishment.”


Black Guns Matter and Second Amendment advocate Maj Toure argued against beating and killing people for selling a substance that people willingly choose to put in their bodies:

IMAGINE advocating for the BEATING of people who sell a product that other people WANT.

Then imagine NOT understanding bodily autonomy and its relation to freedom, even for things we disagree with.

Then IMAGINE doing both, then pretending to understand freedom.

Shane Hazel, who ran for Georgia governor as a Libertarian in last year’s elections, noted that Singapore imposes other legislation that restricts liberty:

Singapore is an open air cage. You can’t say whatever you want, can’t have guns, can’t protest, zero privacy, loads tax, conscription, but prostitution is common place.

Sure lets be like Singapore. SMH


Leftist YouTuber Christo Aivalis noted that other countries have a similar environment without resorting to brutal punishment methods:

How do you explain Scandinavian countries having many of these things with far more humane systems of correction (and lower rates of recidivism than the USA?)

Before I continue, I will acknowledge that Walsh does not represent all conservatives in these views. Nevertheless, a quick glance at the comments on his tweets shows that plenty in the movement agree with his stance.

To put it simply, Walsh is wrong.

This is an anti-liberty and pro-tyranny stance. The notion that someone should be executed for selling a product that people choose to ingest is the type of authoritarianism many of us condemn when it comes from the left.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, progressives applauded government efforts to force people to take the vaccine. What Walsh is proposing isn’t much different – if someone wants to do drugs, the state should not possess the authority to stop them. There is no valid reason to send men with guns and badges to arrest people and throw them in cages over an activity in which people choose to partake, especially when they are not violating someone else’s rights.


Moreover, caning a petty thief is yet another example of cruel and unusual punishment. Stealing is a violation of someone else’s rights. But this treatment does not fit the severity of the crime. One only need look up videos of these beatings to understand the level of brutality involved. The idea that the state should be empowered to mete out such an abuse is anathema to those who truly favor limited government.

Walsh is not the only one to promote such views. Former President Donald Trump has been rather fond of calling for the death penalty for drug dealers. From where I sit, these are symptoms of a distinctly statist/authoritarian movement rising up in the conservative movement. These are important leaders in the movement who have a tremendous level of influence. The fact that they would rather the U.S. be more like Singapore should be a stark warning to those on the right who prefer liberty over authoritarianism.


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