WATCH: Sheriff Mark Lamb on Upholding the Constitution Instead of the State

Sheriff Mark Lamb discusses his new children's book and a sheriff's duty to uphold the Constitution. (Credit: Jeff Charles/YouTube)

Sheriff Mark Lamb joined the program to discuss his new children’s book titled “The Adventures of Seymour Clues and Mr. Mouse,” and why it is important for people with conservative values to create competing alternatives to the progressive ideology being pushed in the school system.


In this episode, Lamb also discussed the proper role of a sheriff and how people in these roles have a duty to uphold the Constitution even when it goes against the wishes of state governing authorities. Most people are not aware of a sheriff’s true role in the community and believe they are only another enforcement arm. But these officials are also tasked with ensuring that the rights of their communities are not threatened by government and civilians alike. It was quite an enlightening conversation.

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