Report: Elon Musk Did With Twitter What Its Previous Leaders Couldn’t

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The pro-censorship left isn’t going to be enthused about this one. Over the past few weeks, Twitter CEO Elon Musk has celebrated the fact that the platform has been growing at a rapid clip since he took over the company.


But now, outside sources confirm that Musk wasn’t exaggerating.

NBC News begrudgingly reported:

Data from two independent research firms, Apptopia and Sensor Tower, indicate that downloads and activity on Twitter are on the upswing in the weeks since Musk bought it and in comparison to last year, appearing to confirm recent boasting from the tech billionaire that he has reinvigorated the social media app.

However, the report suggests that “the situation is more complicated than a simple rise in downloads and activity.”

“According to Apptopia, downloads of Twitter in the U.S. averaged about 125,000 a day during a recent 31-day period — a figure that’s 23% higher than during the previous month and 42% higher than a similar period a year earlier,” according to the news outlet.

Growth outside of the United States was slower. It grew by 14 percent from the previous month and four percent over the past year.

Sensor Tower found that installations of the app rose 16 percent during Musk’s first month at the helm. But it dropped three percent from last year. The organization also noted that Twitter had a rise in activity on the platform as well. NBC News noted that “the number of daily active users worldwide on Twitter was 2% higher during the month after Musk’s purchase compared to the month previous, and it was up 4% from the same period a year earlier.”


The report was also quick to point out that “[s]ocial media experts said the spark of interest may only be temporary” because much of the growth could be “tied in part to the suspense around the future of Twitter.”

“People slow down to watch a crash scene in real life, so I think there’s a lot of rubbernecking going on,” said Matt Navarra, a social media analyst.

Another “expert” indicated that the increase in engagement could be a negative. Mazdak Hashemi, a former vice president of engineering at Twitter, posted a tweet in which he indicated the rise could impact the platform’s environment.

“Increase in engagement is not always a good thing especially if the overall quality, safety and health of the echo system gets impacted,” he tweeted.

Despite the constant onslaught of deceptive attacks against Musk’s management of Twitter, the platform is only growing. No wonder the left is trying to pressure Apple and Google to remove the app from their stores – they can’t have more people using the social media site to spread their icky ideas, right?


Nevertheless, Musk’s involvement is clearly one of the main factors driving growth. It seems even more likely that it is not only his commitment to creating a level playing field for ideas. It is also the fact that he is working to innovate the platform’s offerings. It was recently revealed that Twitter will expand its video-sharing options, allowing for two-hour videos for those subscribed to Twitter Blue, its premium subscription. One thing seems clear: So far, Twitter appears to be on a good path.


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