Desperate Anti-Trumpers Go Apoplectic About His Announcing Another White House Run

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It didn’t take long for the anti-Trump crowd to spring into action after he announced his intention to run for president again in 2024. During his speech at Mar a Lago on Tuesday, the Orange Man What Is Bad™ brought about a mass triggering against those who still suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), and this will likely be the first of many such occurrences over the next two years.


RedState’s Bonchie already covered how the activist media responded to former President Donald Trump’s announcement. It was quite a spectacle to behold.

But for Twitter addicts like myself, the overall reaction coming from lefties and NeverTrumpers in and outside the press was simply delicious. Let’s start with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who classified Trump’s speech as a “new grift.” He tweeted:

New Trump campaign. Same old lies.

Lies about his record. Lies about immigrants. Lies about Biden. Lies about our children. Lies about our LGBTQ+ neighbors. Lies on top of lies on top of lies.

New grift. Same old grifter.

Next, we have everyone’s second favorite Never Trump Republican, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), who took the time to cut a video whining about Trump’s 3rd run for the presidency:

“So Donald Trump’s announcing his presidential candidacy again today, the earliest I think anybody ever has, because he just can’t have people not paying attention to him. But anywhere he goes, he brings fear, he brings division, he brings anger. In fact, he rose to power through abuse and intimidation. I want to talk a little more about the abuse, but think about this. He has lost every election he’s been in or been associated with, and even lost the popular vote in 2016 pretty significantly.”


Kinzinger then went full hysterical, claiming that Trump’s announcement “means more abuse” and that “seniors on the fixed income” will be “blood dry” because of his campaign emails and texts.”

He continued babbling on about how Trump is Lucifer incarnate and issued a call to his fellow Republicans. “And unfortunately, we’re going to have to keep hearing from him again. And more people will give and give and be abused. But to my fellow Republican leaders, listen, if you want to ever look in the mirror without shame, stand up and speak out now,” he bloviated.

MeidasTouch, a progressive political action committee, posted a screenshot of Trump supporters who were supposedly complaining about the former president’s speech at Mar-a-Lago. They wrote:

Trump fans are NOT HAPPY with tonight’s rambling, incoherent announcement. “I had to stop listening.” “It’s not what I was hoping for.” “I’m CRUSHED.” “It didn’t even look like him.” Many seemed to think Trump would announce he was reinstated as president and arrest his enemies.


Filmmaker Rob Reiner also weighed in, tweeting his usual alarmist claptrap:

There’s no other way to put this: Donald Trump is a complete and utter fool. Not to mention a Career Criminal. Time to Indict and put the last nail into his Corrupt Coffin.

Not to be outdone, attorney Tristan Snell, who can always be counted on to provide deceptive and downright silly claims, endorsed the farfetched notion that Democrats could bar Trump from appearing on the ballot by invoking the 14th Amendment:

Donald Trump led an insurrection against the United States in violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution. He is permanently disqualified from holding any state or federal office, per the 14th Amendment, Section 3.

This is but a small sampling of the utter and complete meltdown being seen among anti-Trumpers. But they knew this announcement was coming. They were prepared for it.


Now, it’s time for a brand new Orange Man Bad smear campaign designed to terrify the public into voting against him. With the impending indictments that are likely to come from the Justice Department and the ongoing effort to use the Jan. 6 riot against him, we can expect to see a full-on barrage of attacks against the former president. Team Trump better be ready to counterattack.



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