This Song Perfectly Sums up the Attitudes of Martha’s Vineyard’s Residents Towards Illegal Immigrants

AP Photo/Gregory Bull

The Martha’s Vineyard debacle has been quite revelatory in that it has further exposed how white progressives truly feel about illegal immigrants and others trying to gain entry into the United States. Over the past few days, the nation got more than just a small glimpse into how these folks operate.


The bottom line is that residents of Martha’s Vineyard, despite being overwhelmingly “progressive,” are vocal supporters of illegal immigrants – as long as they don’t have to deal with them up close. The Blaze’s Chad Prather illustrated this reality perfectly by grabbing his ol’ six-string and writing a poignant ditty about the matter.

This heartbreaking work of staggering genius is worth more than one listen. It is as if Prather was strumming the pain of those residing in Martha’s Vineyard and singing their thoughts with his words. But even more than that, it was a melodious and insightful reminder that progressive types couldn’t care less about the people they claim to champion – unless they have a use politically.



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