Soon, We Will Find out Which Side Has the Right Solution for School Shootings

AP Photo/Wong Maye-E

After three mass shootings that happened in quick succession earlier in 2022, the anti-gunner lobby pounced on the opportunity to create new ways to restrict legal gun ownership. They even managed to persuade 10 Republicans in the Senate to sign on to a major gun control bill to make it appear as if they are doing something to stop mass shootings.

On the other hand, conservatives pointed out that there are no gun control measures that would have stopped any of the shootings, the most egregious of which occurred in Uvalde, Texas, where a gunman murdered 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school. Instead, they suggested that pouring resources into more security measures in these schools would be a far more effective method to make it harder for would-be school shooters to carry out their acts.

But now, red and blue states are poised to test out their theories when it comes to limiting school shootings. Governors across the nation announced measures they would support to keep our children safe.

As one could easily predict, blue states are emphasizing new gun control laws and further restrictions on gun ownership as the way to protect schoolchildren. Red states are pushing for more security measures to make schools hard targets.

The Washington Times reported:

In a special legislative session in Arkansas last month, lawmakers set aside $50 million for a school safety fund proposed by Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson. The rules for distributing the money haven’t been finalized, but Hutchinson has said he wants it to help implement recommendations from a school safety commission he reinstated following the May shooting in Texas, where 19 students and two teachers were killed.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced $105.5 million to go toward school safety initiatives. “Nearly half of that was slated for bullet-resistant shields for school police and $17.1 million was for districts to purchase panic-alert technology,” according to The Times.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp also stated they are allocating millions of dollars for school security initiatives, including training and classes for school resource officers tasked with intervening in the event of a shooting.

“While these are the latest measures we’re taking to ensure our children’s safety, I can assure you they will not be the last. I will work with anyone, even in the midst of a heated election cycle, to protect our students,” said Kemp.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, moved quickly to tighten up its gun laws in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on New York Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, which declared New York’s gun licensing scheme unconstitutional. “We’re sick and tired of being on the defense in this movement,” he said in July.

Newsom’s move came after New York Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a flurry of gun control measures to counteract the Supreme Court’s ruling. She essentially made most of the state a “gun-free” zone, disallowing citizens from carrying concealed firearms. Of course, there was no explanation as to how such a law would have stopped the white supremacist terrorist attack on black residents at a Buffalo grocery store, but that is simply because it wouldn’t have stopped that or any other mass shooting.

The results of these measures will be seen over the coming years when it will be more apparent which approach will limit or diminish the impact of school shootings and other acts of violence. Of course, if I had to bet on which approach will be more effective, my money’s on those who are investing in more aggressive security measures.

While red states are doing the right thing in allocating funding for school security, there is more that should be done. Many have suggested metal detectors, armed guards, cameras, and other practical tools that could impede a would-be school shooter. Arming teachers has also been floated as a possible solution. But common sense dictates that any action that would make it more difficult for a deranged gunman to take lives would be desirable. Hopefully, red states will take their efforts further.


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