Progressive Candidate Makes a Total Fool of Himself When Asked to Define What a ‘Woman’ Is

As you know, I don’t typically write articles about who says what on Twitter. But this one was too fun to pass up.

Matt Hoh, a Green Party candidate seeking a Senate seat in North Carolina, utterly beclowned himself in a Twitter exchange over the question that is on everyone’s minds nowadays: What is a woman?


It’s a question made even more popular by the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, who filmed a documentary with the same name. Now, some have taken to asking left-leaning candidates seeking office this same question to see how, or if, they will answer. Not surprisingly, not many of these individuals were willing to answer the question.

But apparently, someone asked Hoh what a woman is, and he decided to document the encounter on Twitter, showing that he has no idea how the platform operates in 2022. He wrote:

Warning: the tweet below contains coarse language.

Today I got my first “what is a woman” question.

Before I could say anything my campaign manager replied:

“F*ck off Transphobe!”

There was no reason to say anything else.

Imagine boasting about your campaign manager having to come to your rescue when you cannot answer a simple question about sex and gender. This is, as the younger folks would say, a “weird flex.”

Walsh responded to the tweet, asking if Hoh was “proud of [his] inability to answer a question that my five year old can answer easily?”


Instead of doing the smart thing and blowing off the question, Hoh reached into his closet, donned his clown shoes and red wig, and responded, explaining that he was “proud” of his campaign manager. He wrote:

No, I’m proud of my campaign manager for standing up to an aggressive bad faith heckler (that guy was not interested in a conversation). A woman is a person who identifies as an adult female. I’m happy to talk further @MattWalshBlog

Well, at least he finally answered the question – sorta. He later posted another asinine tweet, doubling down on his demonstrably false definition of a woman:

For all the people demanding an answer as to what a woman is: A woman is a person who identifies as an adult female.


So, does this mean an 11-year-old boy who chooses to identify as an adult female suddenly becomes a grown woman? If so, the ramifications are monumental. A 13-year-old male who wants to drink can instantly become old enough to drink by identifying as an adult female, right? What about a 16-year-old girl who wants to be an adult female so she can get into the club?


I know what you’re thinking, dear reader. You’re thinking: “But this makes absolutely no sense!”

My response? Who the hell are you to tell these kids they can’t be whatever they want to be? If you are not a biologist, you should have no say in the matter, you bigot.

Of course, in the world of sane, normal folks, it is easy to see that Hoh’s tweets are the exact type of absurdity coming from the hard left, and one of the reasons most folks do not take them seriously. But I’ll say one thing for the guy. He certainly has mastered the art of pandering to the ultra-woke left. Why isn’t he running as a Democrat?


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