‘Pastor’ Raphael Warnock Just Made the Most Brain-Dead Argument in Favor of Abortion

It looks like they will just let anyone call themselves a pastor these days. Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) plunged even further into the depths of stupidity during a Thursday interview on abortion, further demonstrating that the pro-abortion crowd does not have much in the way of compelling arguments supporting their position.


In a conversation with NPR’s Michel Martin on PBS, Warnock was asked about pro-life Christians and the reason for President Joe Biden’s plummeting approval ratings.

Martin asked:

“How do you understand the fact that, at this juncture in our history, there are people who—who– say they are animated by the same faith. The same love of the same God and the same Savior who say that it is taking them in the direction of wanting to outlaw abortion, perhaps reconsider same-sex marriage. How do you understand that?”

The senator responded by bringing up the debates over slavery and civil rights. “There were Christians on both sides of the struggle around abolition. There were Christians on both sides of the Civil Rights Movement,” he said.

Warnock continued:

“And so, it is this basic commitment to humanity in all of its variations, in all of its expressions that guides the work that I do around reproductive justice, around the dignity of members of the LGBTQ+ community. It is the recognition that Dr. King said, that we are tied in the single garment of destiny. That what happens to one directly affects all indirectly. And so, I think that’s—that’s– the work and that’s the vision that inspires what I do every single day.”

After serving up that meaningless word salad, the senator then answered a question about the president’s unpopularity. “How do you understand the fact that, for example, his polling numbers are as low as they are when he’s managed to do things that his predecessor long promised and didn’t accomplish?” Martin asked.


The lawmaker buckdanced around the question instead of giving an answer. “Here’s what I refuse to do, and that is to make the politics about me. And I really do mean that,” he said.

The pro-abortion crowd is not sending their best.

The idea that those pushing for mothers to kill their babies are somehow akin to those who fought against slavery and Jim Crow is laughable. Abolitionists were fighting for the freeing of slaves, and the Civil Rights movement was pushing for equal status under the law for black Americans. They were not fighting to end more lives.

Warnock’s remarks are particularly egregious considering the fact that he holds himself up as a crusader for black Americans, while simultaneously pushing for more black women to kill their children. Anyone familiar with the abortion debate knows black babies make up a disproportionate share of those losing their lives to abortion. Instead of supporting alternatives to abortion like pregnancy centers and churches who specialize in helping mothers, Warnock would rather see these lives snuffed out. He is no better than the white progressives for whom he tap dances.


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