Don’t Let Them Diminish the Meaning of Independence Day

RedState/Jim Thompson

Today is yet another Independence Day. Another 4th of July in which everyday, red-blooded Americans will celebrate the founding of the greatest country on Earth. But progressives, who ruin everything, are doing their typical “America Sucks” routine as part of their overall effort to undermine the greatness of the United States and to make sure nobody else has a good time.

In the leadup to this year’s Independence Day, Democrats have been pushing their typical anti-America propaganda in the hopes of convincing the public that it is a hopelessly bigoted nation that salivates at the thought of oppressive marginalized communities. A local Arizona Democratic Party posted a tweet advertising an event called “F*ck the Fourth.” The event was supposed to be hosted by the Tucson Women’s March in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.

The now-deleted tweet read: “F*ck the Fourth. See you at Reid Park.”

This is one of several things leftists are doing to diminish the significance of Independence Day. Fox News host Dan Bongino excoriated progressives pushing others to boycott the holiday. He said:

“As we celebrate the birth of our country this Fourth of July weekend, the Left’s talking about boycotting the holiday. Of course they are, because they’re ashamed of it. It’s like they want to use this weekend to mourn and moan and point out all the things they think are so terrible about America, especially after the Supreme Court ruling. Remember, these are the same people who scream like lunatics at the sky when their political party loses, and the leftist media’s devastated…”

In an op-ed for Fox News, author Douglas MacKinnon recounted his observations about the anti-American progressive crowd:

It was then, on the very day we celebrate the birth of our nation, that I witnessed example after example of those from the left and the far-left––be they in the mainstream media, activists, or anarchists––calling for not only the “canceling” of the Fourth of July, and the American flag, but the continued smearing, censorship, and canceling of our founding fathers.

As I did, one overriding thought filled my mind: “What if they are successful?”

Later in the piece, he noted that many on the left announced “they are coming for Thomas Jefferson, Richard Henry Lee, Benjamin Franklin, and other who courageously signed the Declaration of Independence.”

He continued, noting that members of California school boards were also calling for a boycott of the Fourth of July.

A recent Fox News poll showed that patriotism is on the decline in America, which should be seen as a sign that the far left might be winning with their propaganda. The survey revealed a paltry 39 percent of Americans are proud of America today. To be fair, part of the drop might be due to the fact that we have an incompetent geriatric authoritarian running the executive branch and also that an increasingly Marxist Democratic Party has been in control of the legislature since early last year.

Still, the fact remains: Patriotism is experiencing a severe downturn. Even America’s churches are not incorporating patriotic elements into services on Independence Day weekend as they used to. It is clear that people are just not feeling the love for America like we have in days past. The question is: Will this become an ongoing trend, or are we just in a rough patch at the moment? Interestingly, I would say the answer to this question depends on how those who still love America react.

Will we allow the progressive left to own the messaging on this issue as we have with almost every other cultural issue in days past? Or will we rise up and add our voices to the national conversation on the good, the bad, and the ugly in America?

There is reason to be optimistic.

Over the past year, the conservative movement has shown signs that it is moving away from the epoch in which we simply allowed the far left to dominate the conversation. When parents found out their kids were being indoctrinated in public schools, they showed up at school board meetings and raised hell. Even further, they are running for school board seats across the country – and winning. Many have pulled their kids and placed them in private schools or decided to homeschool them.

We are seeing non-progressive Americans getting more vocal on all of the issues facing us today, and it is a welcome sign. If we figure out how to maintain this level of momentum, we can turn the tide in the public sphere. We can get everyday Americans to see that this country has plenty of good to counteract the bad and ugly. I believe we are finally entering a time in which the progressive left will no longer have supremacy over national discourse and will be forced to compete. When this happens, we will see how quickly they fold when they have to defend their destructive ideology. I’m ready for that battle. Are you?


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