Do Progressives Truly Believe Blacks Are Victims of White Supremacy?

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Progressives are not happy about the Supreme Court’s decision in New York Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen. Now, states like New York, Maryland, California, and others can’t make it nearly impossible to obtain a license to carry a firearm as they used to. But what is interesting about the gun conversation is that black Americans have been buying guns at record numbers over the past couple years. How does this square with a progressive elite that supports gun restrictions that disproportionately make it harder for black folks to obtain firearms and the permits to carry them?

Democrats and progressives are quite fond of attributing everything negative that happens to the black community to white supremacy. It has been their favorite boogeyman for years. Indeed, they have fallen so in love with racism that they use it for pretty much everything.

Pro-lifers are white supremacists.

Pro-gunners are white supremacists.

Crime is due to white supremacy

Poor education is because of white supremacy.

I’m currently stuck in Atlanta’s airport as I’m writing this because Delta Airlines is white supremacy.

To hear the left tell it, black Americans are surrounded by white supremacy at all times – especially from the government. The white supremacist terrorist attack at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, gave progressives even more reason to claim that white supremacy is ubiquitous in American society and poses a dire threat to everyone with a higher melanin count.

But if this is true, why are Democrats so adamant about preventing black Americans from owning firearms? Yes, they ultimately want as few citizens as possible to be armed, but if you look at the history of gun control – and even its modern iterations – you can see they have a particular problem with low-income black and Latinos possessing guns. Indeed, this became an issue in the Bruen case. Several African American organizations filed amicus briefs detailing how New York’s gun licensing scheme had been used to unfairly discriminate against blacks who wished to obtain permits to carry handguns. From SCOTUSBlog:

The Black Attorneys of Legal Aid, the Bronx Defenders, and Brooklyn Defender Services, three New York public-defender groups, argue that the gun-licensing regulation is, in effect, a discriminatory policy. The groups represent hundreds of indigent people a year who are criminally charged in New York for gun possession. Virtually all of these clients are Black or Hispanic. “For our clients, New York’s licensing regime renders the Second Amendment a legal fiction.” The brief argues that the regulation effectively criminalizes gun ownership for racial and ethnic minorities, based on its enforcement by police and prosecutors.

Other groups that filed briefs on the basis of discrimination claims include the Italo-American Jurists, the African American Gun Association, and Black Guns Matter. The latter writes that the proper-cause requirement is devoid of any objective standard and therefore open to arbitrary and discriminatory use.

Other gun restrictions also unfairly target black Americans by making it cost-prohibitive to obtain licenses. These states typically impose expensive and time-consuming requirements that make it harder for those who are not white Americans to become licensed to carry. If a state or city government requires extensive training and classes, this hurts black folks who are unable to take the requisite time off from their jobs. If the state levies exorbitant fees for applying for the license and taking the classes, this also impacts low-income black and Latino individuals.

Who needs the ability to defend themselves most in America? You guessed it: Low-income black and Latino Americans, most of whom live in high-crime areas. If Democrats were serious about all that “equity” talk, wouldn’t they put a program in place that eases the burden for low-income minorities who need the means with which to defend themselves? Of course they would – state and local governments do this very thing with other programs.

But the bottom line is that they do not want minorities to possess firearms. Sure, they will not say this out loud, but actions (and policy) speak louder than words, right?

What is interesting is how these folks have tried to spin the drastic increase in gun ownership among black Americans. Several articles suggest the only reason why black people want to own firearms is because of – you guessed it – white supremacy. NBC News reported:

The foundation said 40 percent of the overall gun sales in 2020 were to first-time gun purchasers. Black gun owners, old and new, say the rise is a byproduct primarily of a heightened fear they could be targeted like those in Buffalo or at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015, when nine Black church members were killed by a white supremacist.

To that point, anti-Black hate crimes rose nearly 40 percent in 2020, the latest year available, according to FBI statistics. There were 2,755 reported incidents targeting Black people in the U.S. that year, the most besieged racial group by a large margin.

There are several other reports just like this – even before the Buffalo shooting. They want their audience to believe black Americans are huddled at home, terrified of being killed by a white supremacist. But they’re not being honest. Most black folks know they are far more likely to be killed by people in their neighborhoods than some racist nutjob with an AR-15.

But even if this were true, the question still remains. If white supremacists are running around shooting black people willy-nilly, why do Democrats want blacks to remain unarmed? If the government truly is white supremacist, why do they think it should be the only entity to own guns?

Perhaps it is because progressives don’t really believe what they say. Or it could be that they do believe it and just don’t care. I think it’s both. They don’t believe white supremacy is a huge threat to the lives of black Americans and they don’t care that blacks are dying in the street from violent crime, which is a threat.

Nevertheless, many black Americans have realized they cannot depend on the government to protect them from threats – whether it’s a murderous white supremacist or a gang member across the way. Many of us have decided that we need to protect ourselves and our families instead of hoping the police will show up in time to address the danger. Unfortunately, the same government that says they will safeguard our lives are actually working to keep us more vulnerable.


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