Protesters Show up at the Home of School Counselor Who Spoke out Against Transgender Ideology

It looks like the groomer brigade is getting a bit more aggressive. A group of teachers, students, and community members marched to the home of a school counselor who publicly stated that she would not assist minor children in transitioning to the opposite gender. Marissa Darlingh is now on administrative leave from Milwaukee Public Schools, pending an internal investigation.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that “[a]bout 40 teachers, students and community members led by the Black Educators Caucus marched from district offices to Darlingh’s home Saturday, chalking their demands for the district to better support trans students as some called for Darlingh to be fired.”

Olimpia Garcia, a new teacher at Reagan High School, told the news outlet that educators “can’t be oppressing the youth” and that part of their job description is “to support them and not to oppress them.”

The controversy started when Darlingh spoke at an April 23 feminist rally and railed against the practice of helping students transition to other genders. “Not a single one of my students, under my f*cking watch, will ever, ever transition socially and sure as hell not medically. Absolutely not,” she said.

Later in her remarks, she said “f*ck transgenderism. F*ck it.”

Days after she made her remarks, the state Department of Public Instruction told Darlingh that it was investigating whether they will revoke her educator license for “immoral conduct.”

Imagine that. These school districts want to transition students to other genders behind the parents’ backs, but people who speak out against it are “immoral.”

Darlingh could lose her job for speaking out at a rally outside of school grounds.

Ironically enough, the teacher who led the march to Darlingh’s home is the exact same teacher who was pilloried on social media for having her students pledge allegiance to the pan-African flag on Juneteenth. Mrs. Angela Harris led the group who wrote messages near the district’s central offices before marching to the counselor’s home to give her sidewalks the same treatment.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported:

Part of the group was 14-year-old Devon Weber, who said they came to protest because they are a non-binary MPS student and worried about how Darlingh could impact trans students’ wellbeing.

“Suicide rates are much higher in trans people and trans youth, and if you have somebody who isn’t supportive at all, then that’s why that happens,” Weber said. “When people tell you that you’re wrong, that you’re bad, that you’re different — that’s not good; that’s why that happens.”

The demonstrators wrote messages affirming transgender youth and statistics related to bullying and other issues they face. For its part, the Black Educators Caucus put out a list of demands and urged its supporters to email members of the school board.

These demands include forming “an advisory committee comprised of majority Black and Brown queer, trans, and non gender conforming staff/students/community members to make recommendations” for policies. The list also urges the district to “develop a process alongside the advisory committee for ensuring equitable treatment of transgender and gender non-conforming students and staff with monthly updates provided to appropriate board committee.” The group also asked that the district ensure “all students and staff feel safe when using the facilities that coincide with their gender identity and/or expression by making facilities unisex.”

What is sad about this situation is that these folks will probably get exactly what they want. Darlingh will probably lose her job and the district will likely give in to most – if not all – of their demands. Wisconsin is becoming one of the worst states for school districts indoctrinating children and facilitating the transitioning of minors without their parents’ knowledge. One district gave training to teachers telling them parents are not “entitled” to know if their children are experiencing confusion about their gender.

These scenarios will continue to play out if parents and others concerned about what is happening in public schools do not act. There should be more parents out there protesting Darlingh’s treatment. Indeed, if the parents pushing back against the trans trend outnumbered Harris’ ilk, they might be able to curtail their efforts to indoctrinate their kids. Hopefully, stories like this will prompt people to continue speaking out against the groomer brigade.


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