Anti-School Choice Republicans Get Their Just Desserts

AP Photo/Jeffrey Collins

You love to see it.

As I have cautioned previously, it is not only Democrats who are against the idea that parents should be able to choose where and how their children are educated. Plenty of squishy Republican types talk a good game about supporting education when, in reality, they are in bed with progressive elitists seeking to limit educational choices for parents.

Now, it appears the voters are striking back against GOP politicians who have joined with the anti-school choice crowd. The Washington Examiner reported:

Republican state lawmakers in several states who opposed school choice initiatives with teachers union support are consistently losing their primary elections.

In Iowa, Kentucky, and Texas, a slew of Republican state lawmakers who bucked their party’s long-standing support of school choice and in some cases received endorsements and donations from teachers unions all lost their respective primaries in recent weeks.

I wrote previously about the Republican state lawmakers in Texas and Iowa, where Gov. Kim Reynolds struck back at GOP officials who constantly subverted efforts to provide more educational choices to parents in the state. She threw her support behind the primary challengers of Republican state legislators who were up for re-election and managed to oust four of them.

As the ongoing debate over education continues, parents are seeking other options for educating their children. Surprisingly, it turns out that people don’t want school districts trying to indoctrinate their children into far-leftist ideology or transitioning them to other genders behind their backs.

Who would have seen that coming?

Corey DeAngelis, director of research at the school choice advocacy group American Federation for Children, told the Washington Examiner that the issue is becoming a “litmus-test issue for Republican primary voters.” He speculated that “any Republican opposing school choice and parental rights in education is essentially begging to end their political careers.”

Indeed, parental rights have become a hot-button issue. After it became apparent that districts were having teachers and school staff push problematic ideas on race, gender, and sexuality to small children, private and charter school enrollment increased significantly. The number of families choosing to homeschool also saw a drastic uptick. Public school enrollment has taken a nosedive over the past two years. The proof is in the pudding: Parents are pulling their kids out of public schools and the Democrats, along with their comrades in the teacher’s unions, are clearly alarmed.

But now, Republicans opposing school choice will no longer be able to fly under the radar. Many adults have had it with the public school system. They will not tolerate supposedly conservative politicians limiting their options because they seek to appease the teacher’s unions and receive more of their cash.

The majority of parents – both Republicans and Democrats – support school choice, showing that any politician daring to oppose it is woefully out of touch with their constituents. The fact that many who seek to limit alternatives to public education have availed themselves of private schools for their children is also not sitting well with the public. Fox News reported that a slew of Democratic politicians, including President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and many others sent or are sending their children to private learning institutions while working feverishly to ensure that the rest of the peasants are not able to do the same. It would not exactly be a shocker if it was revealed that many of the Republican politicians opposing school choice are also engaging in the same type of hypocrisy.

DeAngelis is right: School choice has become a litmus test for Republicans seeking to win office or retain their seats. The issue is not going away anytime soon, especially considering that progressives are still inculcating children with their ideology despite the nationwide backlash. Now is not the time for Republicans to exhibit the same duplicity on the issue that they have displayed previously. At this point, they better get on the school choice train or get ready to be sent packing.


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