President Trump Declares War on ‘Woke’ Agenda in Public Schools in New Speech

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Former President Donald Trump had much to say during his speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority 2022” conference in Nashville, Tennessee, on Friday. But of particular interest were his remarks criticizing the public school system and its efforts to influence K-12 students toward far-leftist ideas on race, gender, and sexuality. At a time when school districts are actively indoctrinating students and even encouraging many to transition to another gender, Trump’s words are even more necessary.


The former president began by slamming the introduction of ideas inspired by Critical Race Theory (CRT) in school curriculum. He vowed that Republicans would work to ban these “racist theories” and punish those attempting to inculcate young students with these teachings. “Under a Republican Congress, we will ban critical race theory, once and for all, under the next Republican president,” he said. “Any institution that seeks to implement these racist theories should be charged with a violation of federal civil rights law.”

Trump then took aim at school districts influencing young children to embrace so-called progressive ideas on gender identity and sexuality, and insisted that it is “time to finally and completely smash the radical left’s corrupt education cartel.”

After arguing that the nation is “beyond the point of incremental reform,” Trump pointed out that American children are “captives to unhinged Marxist educators who are pushing inappropriate sexual, racial, and political material on our children from the youngest possible age.”

Trump continued:

“The current education system is so upside down that school prayer is banned, but drag shows are absolutely allowed … You can’t teach the Bible, but you can teach children that men get pregnant and that kindergarteners are allowed to pick their own gender … You would not trust these people to babysit your children for 30 minutes, and we should not let them educate millions of American students six hours a day, year after year.


The former president hit the nail on the head when it comes to what teachers are presenting to small and older children. Over the past two years, story after story has emerged revealing how districts are inculcating students with “woke” ideology without their parents knowing or consenting. I even compiled each story and create a spreadsheet for Critical Race Theory and gender/sexuality being used in K-12 classrooms.

I also included situations in which districts imposed and enforced policies prohibiting teachers from informing parents when their children express confusion about their gender. In many cases, teachers and school counselors are encouraging minors to transition behind their parents’ backs.

One of the reasons why this effort has been so successful is because people did not know it was happening. It wasn’t until COVID-19 when kids started attending classes online, which led to more parents finding out what their kids were learning. Now, there has been a widespread backlash. But it is not enough. More Americans need to be aware of what is happening in far too many public schools. Trump again properly identified the problem when he pointed out that “the public school system has become an arm of the radical Democrat Party” that is “trying to begin the recruitment process by the age of five and younger.”


If concerned parents do not act, the far left will get exactly what they wish.


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