Democrats Are Right About School Security Measures - Let’s Get Rid of All of Them

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I hate to admit it, but Democrats are right. Their arguments on school security vs banning AR-15s and other firearms have persuaded me. Even further, I have created a plan that will ensure safety from gun violence for all Americans.


Since the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Democrats have vigorously railed against the idea of hardening America’s schools. They contend that metal detectors, armed guards, and surveillance cameras won’t be nearly as effective in saving lives as preventing everyday citizens from purchasing an AR-15.

Shortly after the tragedy in Uvalde, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said President Joe Biden does not favor instituting security measures in schools because “guns are the problem” or something. She said: “And so the problem … is with guns and not having and not having legislation to really deal with an issue that is epidemic here in this country” and “that is not something that [President Biden] believes in. He believes that we should be able to give teachers the resources to be able to do the job that they’re meant to do at schools.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) also chimed in, arguing that more security measures would not have saved any lives at Robb Elementary School.


“Hardening schools would have done nothing to prevent this shooting,” he insisted. “In fact, there were guards and police officers already at the school yesterday when the shooter showed up. … The shooter got past all of them with two assault weapons that he purchased. They couldn’t stop him.”

Schumer’s statement turned out to be false – there were no school resource officers on duty at Robb Elementary that day. But Democratic politicians aren’t exactly known for letting the truth get in the way, are they?

Nevertheless, I have decided to do the country a favor. I have been convinced that Democrats are right. Hardening schools won’t save a single life because guns are the problem.

I propose that President Biden disband the Secret Service and immediately dismantle all security measures in the White House. Every single armed guard at the Capitol building should be fired immediately. Remove all metal detectors in Congress. Disable and destroy all surveillance cameras in the White House, Capitol Building, and the Supreme Court. Hell, every single federal government building should become soft targets. This can probably be accomplished in a week or two.

But that’s not all. Let’s do the same for state and local governments as well. Disassemble each and every tool in every government building that is designed to protect the individuals working inside. If our small children don’t need these security measures, our government officials don’t need them either.


Think of all the taxpayer money that will be saved!

Since guns are the problem, not employing security measures to stop men using those guns is the very best strategy we can employ. Read my words: No. More. Security. Measures.

I realize this might cause hardships for security companies and the armed guards that work with them. But who cares? They shouldn’t have picked careers that required them to use guns in the first place, right?

Once we ban AR-15s, the number of mass shootings is sure to drop precipitously. These would-be gunmen won’t use any other firearm to carry out their despicable acts. To put it simply, Americans will be saved. My idea will save numerous lives. To start, let’s focus on disabling security measures at the offices of the Democratic National Committee and each Democratic politician. I’m sure they won’t change their minds then, will they?


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