This Organization Is Helping Parents Fight for Their Rights in Schools

At a time when school districts are actively trying to indoctrinate America’s children with progressive ideas on race, sexuality, and gender, there are at least some groups helping parents fight back. Education has been a hot-button issue over the past two years, as parents concerned about how their children are being educated are taking school boards to task over pushing radical ideas in the classroom. Now, a legal organization is helping to equip parents to protect their children from far-leftist ideology in their schools.

The Southeastern Legal Foundation, a nonprofit legal group, published a guidebook on Thursday that provides parents with the information they need to combat “unconstitutional and illegal woke education.”

The book, which is titled “America’s guide to saving schools,” discusses how ideas related to Critical Race Theory are being infused into the school curriculum and educates the reader on their First Amendment rights. It also teaches them about the steps they can take if their children’s schools are advancing radical concepts in the classroom.

“Critical race theory was dreamed up by legal scholars seeking to subvert the Civil Rights Act and the Constitution. Those scholars and the K-12 cartels have worked for decades to push critical race theory into every aspect of America’s education system,” said Kimberly Hermann, the general counsel of the organization, in a conversation with Fox News Digital. “We hope that our guidebook shows parents that the law is their most powerful weapon. The law can be confusing, but whether public schools can treat people differently based on race or compel students to affirm ideas they don’t believe in. We will not win this constitutional war without fighters … This is also about courtrooms.”

The group issued a press release arguing that school districts are “pit[t]ing racial groups against each other,” while using “the full power of the government to investigate and silence criticism of this hateful ideology.” It insisted that this “is totalitarian tyranny, not a democratic republic.”

The press release explained that the book provides “an overview of what to look for in their children’s schools, their rights as parents, their children’s rights as students, and hypotheticals to help them navigate problems they may encounter.”

Hermann told Fox News Digital that public schools are “arms of the government,” which means they are violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 if they are giving different treatment to students based on skin color. “Examples of this include segregating students into racially exclusive affinity groups, requiring kids to take anti-racist pledges, and continuously reinforcing discriminatory messages that a person’s whole identity comes from their skin color,” she noted.

The book gives guidelines regarding parents’ rights to be aware of the lessons their children are being presented with in their classroom. “States’ open records laws require schools, school boards, and functional equivalents to make their records available,” it says.

This guidebook is a much-needed tool for parents, especially those concerned that their children’s schools are trying to indoctrinate their children. But if we are going to successfully stop the left from getting their way in the classroom, we will need more. We need tools, organizations, and more to safeguard parents’ rights.

While this group is educating parents on how they can fight back, law firms on the other side are actively training educators and school districts on how to cut the parents out of the equation when it comes to their children’s education. This is what is happening in California. But even in other states, school districts are doing their level best to hide their teachings from parents. They are grooming children into gender ideology, while making sure their parents don’t find out.

I recently spoke with Gabrielle Clark on my podcast, the mother of a teenage daughter who was groomed into believing she was really a boy at her school. She had to go through a long, arduous process to reverse the conditioning the school had put her daughter through. Clark plans on using her experience to help other parents prevent this grooming process from happening, and also those whose children have already gone through it.

Progressives will stop at nothing to get children to embrace their ideology, even if it means deceiving parents while they condition their kids. There are countless stories of this happening across the country. Parents must continue to expose these machinations and loudly speak out against it. Otherwise, the groomer types just might get what they want.


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