Parents Aren’t Playing Around

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Loudoun County parents are fed up and it looks like they are willing to take action against their public school system. If current trends continue, these schools will not only be taking fire from the public, but they might also suffer in the pocketbook.

A group of parents on Monday staged a demonstration at the Loudoun County Public Schools administration building. The Daily Caller reported:

The protest represented the growing number of families supposedly leaving the district following allegations of indoctrination and sexual assault cover-up by the school board.

The Loudoun County-based parent advocacy group “Citizens for Freedom” placed approximately 650 pairs of shoes outside of the administration building early Monday morning. The demonstration was crafted to show that “families and teachers will continue to leave en masse from Loudoun County Public Schools as a result of the lack of focus on education and safety for students,” according to a press release.

Citizens for Freedom is calling for more of a focus on “parental rights, children’s safety, medical freedom,” and to stop “indoctrination,” according to a sign placed near the building. The sign also explained: “Each pair of shoes represents a family who has left or will leave LCPS.”

Megan Rafalski, a member of the organization, told the Daily Caller that parents are seeking out “alternative” options in response to the district’s decisions to push elements of Critical Race Theory in the classroom. She said:

“If [the district does] not respect our parental rights, focus on our children’s safety, respect our medical freedom and end the in-class indoctrination of our kids we will be forced to choose alternative means of education.”

However, Loudoun County claims its attendance is just fine, thankyouverymuch. A spokesperson told the Daily Caller that “attendance has risen since the beginning of the year” and that they are “averaging 96 percent attendance, which is one of the highest rates in the state.”

Despite his words to the contrary, the school district still seems to have something to fear. Even if Loudoun County’s school attendance is not suffering at the moment – which is difficult to believe – it seems clear that there could be bad news on the horizon.

Homeschooling in Virginia has already increased 40 percent over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus showed many parents across the country that homeschooling is a viable option – especially if they are dissatisfied with their children’s schools. Moreover, the teaching of CRT is widely unpopular according to the polls. Even left-leaning parents are concerned about what their children are being taught.

Quisha King, founder of the Mass Exodus movement who has spoken out against CRT, told RedState:

The woke education activists will soon have no one to teach. As long as they insist on indoctrinating our children, parents will find a way to remove our children from these harmful and destructive institutions.

As more parents realize they do not have to send their kids to public schools, they will be more vociferous in condemning institutions attempting to indoctrinate their children. Indeed, once they realize the hard left wishes to use the public school system to churn out a generation of left-wing activists, they will be leery about allowing their kids to be subject to this form of brainwashing.

This is one of the reasons why school choice has become increasingly popular, with the majority of parents supporting the notion that they should be able to choose between various options for educating their children. It is also another reason why the hard left opposes school choice. It’s a bit difficult to indoctrinate kids if they are not in public schools, right?

If more parents in other areas of the country follow the lead of Loudoun County’s parents, school districts will be forced to take notice. The movement seems to have already grown despite efforts to silence those speaking out. Colluding with the Department of Justice to label these folks as “domestic terrorists” blew up in their face and the National School Board Association is now dealing with the consequences of this action.

The fact of the matter is that the CRT issue is not going away. Indeed, parents are even becoming more aware of other tenets of wokeism being injected into the classroom, especially as it pertains to sexuality. If conservatives and others who are concerned about the hard left’s efforts indoctrinate children manage to keep up the momentum, these districts will be forced to make changes or face being removed from their positions of power. The battle might be a long one, but a sustained effort will result in victory.


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