On How Black Marxists Encourage the ‘White Savior’ Trope

In the latest episode of “progressives are the absolute worst,” I came across a tweet that illustrates everything wrong with how the hard left views black people and the fact that problematic black leftists only encourage their white counterparts, who are also the absolute worst, to adopt the condescending white savior role that has become commonplace – and highly annoying – on the left. It is the type of thinking that the hard left has encouraged; a black population that is so mentally weak we can’t even handle controversial news stories.

Absurdities on the progressive left are about as uncommon as AOC using the words “white supremacy.” But every now and again I come across a statement that is so skull-hammeringly ludicrous that I must chime in on it to avoid losing what is left of my sanity. With the Kyle Rittenhouse trial coming to a close, the nation is waiting with bated breath to see what the jury determines as far as his fate is concerned.

But at least one person was brave enough to post a suggestion ostensibly designed to protect the black psyche in case the verdict does not go the left’s way. Vice-Chair of Oregon Democrats’ Black Caucus tweeted:

Employers, consider giving your Black employees a day or two off after the Rittenhouse verdict. Regardless of the outcome, it’s going to be hard for Black people to work and it isn’t fair to expect them to.

Naturally, this tweet was met with the scorn and derision it so obviously deserves. However, he remained undeterred and doubled down on his silliness the next day:

What’s wild is all these people replying to my common sense tweet obviously have all day to tweet so these fascists ain’t working anyway. You took the day off to tweet we can take the day off to mourn lol

McKelvey’s tweets are a prime example of how black Marxists encourage much of the foolish and racist behavior we see among white progressives. Many have pointed out the tendency among white progressives to take a decidedly paternalistic approach to how they deal with the black community. Instead of pushing for solutions that might actually make a long-term difference, they prefer to embrace ideas and measures that are more designed to make them feel virtuous instead of actually moving the needle.

Take, for instance, the defund the police movement. Despite black Americans telling the world that they did not favor having fewer police officers on the streets, the white progressive intelligentsia, along with their black Marxist tap dance troupe, pushed for an initiative that would clearly reap devastating consequences for black and brown people experiencing the effects of skyrocketing crime rates.

Education is another area in which white progressive politicians ignore the wishes of the black community. Most black parents favor school choice – they wish to be able to send their children to the institutions they choose. However, it is the hard left that seeks to limit their choices and restrict them to the schools that the government chooses.

These examples are only a few among many.

Both of these topics are areas in which the white progressive displays their penchant for assuming they know what’s best for black folks more than black folks themselves. They are more concerned with making themselves feel virtuous than actually effecting change for minorities.

It is almost as if they view minorities as puppies that need to be taken care of rather than human beings with agency and the ability to solve their own problems without them interfering. But it is their interference that makes them feel important, so they continue on without any sense of irony.

People like McKelvey give the white progressive apparatchik the political fuel they need to continue using black America to signal their virtue. The notion that black people will not be able to work if Kyle Rittenhouse is acquitted is absurd on its face.

If and when he is not convicted, black people will treat it like any other day regardless of whether they agree, disagree, or even care about the trial’s outcome. They will not need a day off to “mourn” some random people they never even met.

People like McKelvey are part of the problem. They want white folks to believe blacks are mentally weak individuals who cannot function as well as their less-melanated counterparts. Black Marxists like him are seeking validation from white leftists who will pat them on the head and tell them everything will be okay.

It is pathetic.

The leftist media would have you thinking that most black folks are like McKelvey. The reality is that if you went to the average black person and suggested they should take a day off because of Rittenhouse, they would either laugh in your face, or laugh at you while they pretend to be traumatized so they can get a day off work.

Contrary to what both white and black progressives think, most black folks are not fragile. They are not so invested in these issues that they cannot function if certain news stories don’t go their way. Black Americans are regular people. The problem is that white progressives don’t see this in part because the McKelveys of the world don’t want them to.


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