Media Outlet Launches Another Salacious Accusation Against Gov. Ron DeSantis

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They’re at it again. Another activist media outlet is trying to do what the others haven’t done: Take down Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Hill Reporter’s Steph Bazzle wrote what the left hopes will be a bombshell hit piece against DeSantis claiming that he partied with underaged girls who attended the high school at which he taught. The article begins:


After college and before law school, Ron DeSantis spent a year teaching history at a high school in Georgia. According to a source with close knowledge of the matter, during that time he was photographed partying with underaged students.

Bazzle explains that DeSantis started teaching at Darlington School in Georgia in 2001 when he would have been around 23-years-old. The article describes Darlington as “a boarding and day school, for grades Pre-K through 12” and notes that “his students would have been high school co-eds, teenagers, some of whom would have been living on-campus.”

An anonymous whistleblower told Hill Reporter that DeSantis was seen as a young “hot teacher ” with whom female students were infatuated. The article includes a grainy photo showing the male who the outlet believes is a young Ron DeSantis. Bazzle notes that “The girls in the photo are believed to have graduated in 2002, making them seniors at the time.”

In the photo, the male is engaged in a group embrace with three young females, one of whom is holding what seems to be a beer bottle. The person who gave the activist media network the photo stated that it was taken before graduation. This means DeSantis would have had authority over them at the time. However, the author admits:


It is not clear whether any of them were legal adults, though they would have been too young to purchase alcohol.

The article then displays DeSantis’ yearbook photo at the time when he taught at Darlington and notes that he has “the same bowl cut and wide grin featured in the photo” and noted that even though DeSantis would have been only about five years older than some high school seniors, there would be “a significant experience gap,” given that he had a bachelor’s degree and had already been involved in politics.

Then, Bazzle does the predictable thing and attempts to link DeSantis to the allegations of sex trafficking against Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL). She writes:

The allegation surfaces at a time when Florida politicians and their links to underage girls are already a subject of scrutiny. The Orlando Sentinel earlier this year contemplated the possibility that DeSantis’ close ties to Representative Matt Gaetz, which is described as having previously been advantageous, could become a liability now that Gaetz has been associated with a child sex trafficking case.

This, dear reader, is the journalistic version of throwing whatever you can against the wall and hoping something sticks. The activist media has been trying to destroy Gov. DeSantis ever since he first took office. They have told lie after lie about him, hoping to puncture his reputation enough to prevent him from seeking higher office.


So far, this is just speculation. The photo is rather grainy and it is not easy to tell whether it is DeSantis or someone else. But there is no evidence that the governor has ever engaged in inappropriate activity with underaged girls much to the activist media’s profound disappointment. It appears they are trying to start a Kavanaughesque campaign against the governor. Indeed, earlier today, Hill Reporter posted a tweet soliciting stories about DeSantis behaving inappropriately. They wrote:

Here at HillReporter, we are focused on empowering and protecting whistleblowers. If you have a story about your experience with inappropriate conduct by Ron DeSantis…send us an email, or drop us a direct message.

Can you not smell the desperation here? It is so strong I’m getting a strong whiff through my computer screen.

These people are terrified of this man.

For them to publish this weak sauce story and beg Twitter users for more reeks of desperate terror. One can’t blame them given the fact that DeSantis enjoys widespread support among conservatives, who want him to run for president if Trump doesn’t seek office. Moreover, he is one of few Republican politicians and officials who does not hesitate to attack the media as strongly as they attack him.


As I’ve said before, DeSantis has Trump’s strengths without his weaknesses and this is why activist media outlets like Hill Reporter fear him.


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