Glenn Greenwald Shanks Activist Media for Promoting Debunked Lafayette Park Lie™

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Yes, he’s a lefty, but journalist Glenn Greenwald has become the Jedi Master of taking it to the leftist activist media when they engage in their dishonest reporting. Of course, this means he’s doing this every single day as you might imagine.


But recently, Greenwald went on a tear, savaging various media outlets for their refusal to acknowledge the findings of an Inspector General’s office investigation which debunked the myth that former President Donald Trump ordered police to violently disperse a crowd of protesters so he could take a photo op. He lambasted media activists for pretending the report exposed the lie they told amid widespread protests and riots in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.

Greenwald slammed MSBNC media activist Joe Scarborough after performing a mental gymnastics routine that would make Simone Biles jealous to discredit the Inspector General’s report. “There’s a good reason Joe Scarborough is the anchor of the liberal-left’s favorite cable outlet. Shown a *mountain of conclusive, documentary proof* that the Park Police’s use of tear gas had nothing to do with Trump – was planned well before – he still insists it happened,” Greenwald tweeted.

But he didn’t stop there.

In a subsequent tweet, the journalist and founder of The Intercept laid into CNN’s Jim Acosta.


“The liberal-left’s other favorite outlet, CNN, took the lead in spreading the original falsehood. So rather than just admit they got the story wrong — which they unquestionably did — CNN employees like @Acosta keep encouraging their viewers to believe,” he wrote.

The journalist also came for MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace for ignoring the fact that the Lafayette Park Lie™ had been debunked. “Who would have guessed that if you gave the spokesperson for the Bush/Cheney WH and Bush/Cheney 2004 re-election campaign a daily news show, she’d be at the center of every disinformation campaign and major falsehood the media circulates, rarely correcting them when debunked?” Greenwald tweeted.


Despite the report’s thorough shattering of the Lafayette Park Lie™, it is clear that much of the activist media is still set on trying to deceive the American public about the events of that day. It seems that every day, these individuals insist on using their platforms to push their favored political agenda while still pretending to be journalists. But over the past few years, their bias has been so evident that it’s not even worth trying to hide it anymore. Greenwald put it nicely:

What endangered journalism more than anything was not Trump’s alleged attacks on a free press (the only real free press attack was one few objected to: the prosecution of Assange). What destroyed journalism was the collective decision that lying was justified to subvert him.


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