WATCH: Tea Party Patriots' Bill Pascoe Incinerates Democrats' Proposed Voting Law

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Bill Pascoe, the Tea Party Patriots’ “Man In Washington” about the Democrats’ latest effort to seize control of elections. We discussed H.R. 1, which is called the “For The People Act” by leftists attempting to sell it to the public. However, when one actually looks at the provisions laid out in the bill, one can see why people on the right have nicknamed it the “Corrupt Politicians Act.”


Not only would this legislative proposal gut voter ID laws, but it would also allow the federal government to impose other measures that will make our elections less secure. One of the issues Pascoe mentioned is donor privacy, which would be stripped under the new bill. This would mean that people who donate to the airing of a political ad could have their information exposed even if the ad was not intended to promote a specific candidate. Do I need to explain why Democrats might want access to the names of people who help to fund ads that are not beneficial to their cause?

Terrifying. Watch our entire conversation in the video below.


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