Democrats Weep Over the Death of Their Beloved Jan. 6 Commission

(AP Photo/Joerg Sarbach)

The Democrats and their close friends and allies in the activist media were none too happy about Senate Republicans refusing to go along with their ridiculous attempt to further exploit the riots at the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6. High-profile leftists, who have gone so far as to keep National Guard troops at the Capitol for five months for no valid reason, have been screeching like Marxist banshees at the thought that it will be harder to use the riots to smear conservatives and increase their chances of avoiding a devastating defeat in 2022.


As my colleague Bonchie reported, all except six squishy Republican lawmakers voted against contributing to this commission farce. This vote was predictable from the get-go, especially since Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had already signaled that he opposed the idea. (See: Cocaine Mitch Rides Again as the Vote on the January 6th Commission Sets off Outrage)

That the FBI is already investigating the incident, along with ongoing congressional investigations examining the leadup to the riots, demonstrates that yet another probe would have been more repetitive than Marco Rubio spouting memorized talking points as Chris Christie destroyed his candidacy. To put it simply, the Democrats’ latest pet project was a totally unnecessary political maneuver.

Nevertheless, the Democrats are crying enough tears to make the Potomac overflow. Take a look at a small sampling of weepy tweets coming from the left:


Again, this is just a tiny sampling of how the Democrats are beside themselves over their failure to use taxpayer money to fund a smear campaign against Republicans. But this likely isn’t the end of it. Imagine the whiny op-eds that will be published in activist media outlets over the weekend. Think of how these individuals will be crying all over the Sunday morning talk show circuit.

It will be glorious.

Still, the Republicans better not rest on their laurels – the Democrats aren’t done yet. They will likely make another attempt to coax some GOP lawmakers into going along with a new version of the commission. Even if their next effort fails, we can expect them to continue using the riots as a political cudgel against the right. After all, they have to do something to distract from the many failures of the Biden administration, right? The question is: Will it work?



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