Maryland School District Indoctrinates Students Into Believing MAGA Is ‘Covert White Supremacy’

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In yet another example demonstrating why parents must be diligent about knowing what schools are teaching their children, Maryland’s largest school district reportedly included a curriculum in its classes teaching kids that conservatives are white supremacists. According to watchdog group Judicial Watch, documents show that the material used by educators labeled phrases like “Make America Great Again,” as an example of white supremacy.


Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said, “The racist revolutionary claptrap in these documents should be nowhere near a school classroom.”

He added: “These documents show that extremists have access to our schools and are willing to abuse this access to children in order to advance a dangerous, divisive, and likely illegal agenda.”

The documents also showed that former President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan was “ranked on a pyramid just below ‘lynching,’ ‘hate crimes,’ ‘the N-word,’ and ‘racial slurs,’” according to Judicial Watch.

Montgomery County Public Schools was shown to have allocated over $454,000 for an “Anti-racist system audit” by The Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, an organization that specializes in “using intersectionality as part of its theory of change makes us uniquely positioned to conduct the Anti-Racist Audit and mitigate the root causes of systemic barriers.”

Judicial Watch reported: “Examples of other covert ‘white supremacy’ include thinking ‘but we’re just one human family,’ ‘colorblindness,’ ‘cultural appropriation,’ ‘celebration of Columbus Day,’ ‘police murdering POC [people of color],’ and “bootstrap theory.’”

The report continued:

Records regarding Montgomery County Public School’s Thomas Pyle Middle School’s social justice class include a cover letter, noting that the class in question was a one-week “Summer Boost” class called “Reading and Taking Action for Social Justice” offered from July 13-17, 2020, and that “no grades were given and no actual work due.” The class material includes a push for students to fill out a form letter with contact information addressed to federal, state and county education officials asking for more critical race theory classes in schools.


The curriculum also includes slides teaching about intersectionality, implicit bias, structural racism, and white privilege. The lesson plan also suggests that students watch a TED Talks interview with Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of the global Black Lives Matter organization.

Judicial Watch had to file a freedom of information request to gain access to these documents. If they had not taken this step, it is likely that nobody would have known about this teaching. It raises an obvious question: How long have they been teaching this racialized material and what else have they been sneaking into their “educational” lessons unbeknownst to parents?

Even further, is this type of curriculum being taught to your children?



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