Republicans Better Seize the Opportunity That Biden Is Giving Them

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The White House indicated it is confident it can handle the multiple crises currently facing the nation. Unfortunately for them, it does not appear the rest of the country shares this optimism. But none of this matters if the Republican Party fails to capitalize on the myriad mistakes that the Biden administration is making.


During a Wednesday press briefing, press secretary Jen Psaki stated that the Biden administration is up to the task of dealing with the major problems facing the country. “That’s what we’re made for,” she said.

As the nation deals with skyrocketing inflation, abysmal unemployment numbers, the Russian hack of a critical gas pipeline, a gas shortage, the COVID-19 pandemic, the migrant crisis, and the hostilities in Israel, the White House is trying to project confidence in the president’s ability to lead the nation. Psaki also asserted:

The president knew from having served as vice president for eight years that when you walk in, and you’re the leader of the free world, and you’re overseeing a country that is still working its way through a pandemic and an economic recovery, that you have to prepare – be prepared – to juggle multiple challenges, multiple crises at one time.

“And that’s exactly what we’re doing at this moment,” she added.

President Biden is receiving criticism from both sides of the aisle for his response to the situation developing between Israel and the Palestinians. Fox News reported:

The White House’s comments come as Palestinians have begun violently clashing with Israeli police at the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, an escalation of tensions that had been simmering and occasionally boiling over for weeks. Hamas began launching rocket attacks into Israel, which responded by bombing Gaza.

In Washington, Republicans began accusing Biden of tilting too far toward the Palestinians. From the other side, some leftists hit the White House for supposedly coddling Israel, with Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., accusing Biden of “enabling” Israel with foreign aid.


The situation on the southern border is also worsening significantly. U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced a significant jump in migrant encounters with over 178,000 in April. This represents a tenfold increase from last year. Even worse, as of this writing, it has been 52 days since Vice President Kamala Harris was tapped as border czar and she has yet to even visit the southern border.

Meanwhile, the east coast is still reeling from a Russian cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline which was carried out by a group called “DarkSide” last Saturday. “By late Monday, more than one in 20 gas stations in Virginia were out of fuel. Tuesday, governors throughout the Southeast were declaring states of emergency,” according to Fox News.

But wait, there’s more!

Last week, a troubling jobs report was released which revealed that the economy did not grow as expected. A paltry 266,000 new jobs were added despite expectations that the number would be closer to 700,000. The unemployment rate ticked up to 6.1%.

President Biden noted the disappointing job numbers. “You might think we should be disappointed,” Biden said of the numbers, but claimed the “American Rescue Plan,” which passed in late March, “was designed to help us over the course of a year – not 60 days.”

Biden’s insistence on continuing unemployment benefit payments is cited as one of the major reasons for the lapse in job growth.

The administration has also been criticized for its lack of consistent messaging on the coronavirus pandemic and how Americans should proceed. Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) slammed the White House after the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued conflicting guidance on wearing masks and school reopenings.


“I used to have the utmost respect for the guidance from the CDC. I always considered the CDC to be the gold standard. I don’t anymore,” Collins said.

“Unnecessary barriers to reopening schools, exaggerating the risk of outdoor transmission and unworkable restrictions on summer camps,” Collins added. “Why does this matter?

“It matters because it undermines public confidence in your recommendations, in the recommendations that do make sense, in the recommendations that Americans should be following,” Collins concluded.

Even CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo took the Biden administration to task for failing to issue coherent guidelines regarding mask usage and vaccinations. “This messaging about the vaccine has not been good enough. They still make you feel like it’s not like every other vaccine that you’ve ever had in your life where, you may still get it, [but] you should still wear a mask; you can still have enough to be contagious; you can still spread it,” Cuomo said.

The administration’s mishandling of these matters presents a prime opportunity for the GOP to go on the offense. However, the opportunity will be wasted if their strategy is only to criticize the president’s inability to properly address these issues. It is a mistake the party has made time and time again.

While it is important to expose the administration’s poor performance, it won’t matter if the right fails to put forth its own solutions to these situations. While pointing out the deep flaws in Biden’s handling of these problems, the GOP must also put forth viable solutions that would work better than the White House’s current strategy.


You might be thinking: “But won’t the Democrats just reject anything Republicans suggest?”

Of course, they will.

In fact, when they rebuff these recommendations, it will only work in the Republicans’ favor. As the Biden administration continues to ensure that these crises end up in a FUBAR-type situation, it will make the Republicans’ solutions look far more attractive, which will help them immensely in 2022 and 2024.

It is not enough to simply point out that the Democrats are screwing things up – conservatives must compete by coming up with sane, rational solutions. Instead of being only the opposition, Republicans must focus on being the competition. Otherwise, Biden’s incompetence might not be enough to ensure a GOP victory.


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