Biden Continues to Ignore Black People, as He Considers Reparations for Deported Migrants

AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza

Despite paying a monumental level of lip service to the black community during the campaign, President Joe Biden seems to be concerned about everyone except black people. Since taking office, he has championed the needs of illegal immigrants coming from Central America and Asian victims of hate crimes. So far, the only issue his administration seems interested in tackling for the black community is menthol cigarettes.


The president promised that he would push for a conversation on reparations for black Americans, but hasn’t given the issue much attention since his inauguration. However, he has found time to consider reparations for another group: Illegal immigrants deported under the Trump administration.

Breitbart News reported that: “President Joe Biden’s administration is weighing a plan to provide amnesty, as well as reparations, to more than 1,000 illegal aliens who were deported under former President Trump.”

The administration is in talks with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) which is representing illegal immigrant parents and their children who are currently residing in the United States.

From Breitbart:

The parents were prosecuted for crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and subsequently deported as the children they arrived with were put in Health and Human Services (HHS) custody. The policy under Trump was known as “Zero Tolerance,” though the federal government has been separating adults from children at the border since before 2001.

As part of the settlement, the ACLU is looking to secure amnesty to bring deported illegal alien parents back to the U.S. to be with their children who were left in Health and Human Services (HHS) custody, along with compensation and taxpayer-funded social services.


A spokesperson from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told NBC News that the agency is “actively working to develop a system for processing and reunifying over a thousand families and to set up a system to provide mental health support and stability to thousands more families who are here in the United States and still trying to heal from the trauma caused by their separation.”

This move would be yet another part of his effort to provide amnesty to over 11 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the U.S. In this case, the administration would fly the previously deported illegal aliens back into the country and give them legal status despite their violating U.S. immigration law.

The policy that separated parents from their children was an ill-advised program despite being similar to how the U.S. has handled these issues since before 2000. If illegals are caught trying to cross the border with their children, they should be deported as a family instead of keeping their children in the U.S.

However, the notion that Biden would consider providing reparations to non-citizens who broke the law is absurd. Moreover, providing them with automatic legal residency is also a ludicrous proposition. Combine this with the fact that open borders policies have a disproportionately pernicious impact on the black community and it becomes clear that this president cares nothing for the African American voters that put him in office.


But this is nothing new. As long as Democrats have no real competition for black voters, they can continue to place them at the back of the bus with impunity.


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