Simon & Schuster Employees Spill Gallons of Milk During Tantrum Over Publishing Trump Officials' Books

It seems that Simon & Schuster is functioning more like a nursery for SJW types than as a book publishing company nowadays. It appears that the organization’s employees have found yet another reason to throw a fit, and they are making their outrage known between nap and feeding times.


This time, employees are demanding that the company refuse to publish any books written by former members of the Trump administration. That’s right. These people are taking a heroic stand for justice by pushing for censorship. Imagine the number of lives they will save if they are successful, dear reader.

Hundreds of workers have signed a petition calling on the company to stop treating “the Trump administration as a ‘normal chapter in American history.” So far, these individuals have collected about 216 signatures and received support from “several thousand nonemployees,” according to the Washington Examiner.

The Wall Street Journal reported: “The employees submitted the petition Monday to senior executives at the publishing house, according to the company and a person involved in the employee effort. The petition demands that the company refrain from publishing a memoir by former Vice President Mike Pence.”

In an online petition, the group targeted a two-part autobiography to be written by former Vice President Mike Pence. They claim that publishing these works would constitute support for “racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, anti-Blackness, xenophobia, misogyny, ableism, islamophobia, antisemitism, and violence.”

Unfortunately for these intrepid social justice warriors, the company’s leadership is not letting these individuals cow them into submission. CEO Jonathan Carp last week defended the company’s decision to publish Pence’s books, declaring that it was their duty to “publish, not cancel.”


In a letter obtained by the Washington Examiner, Karp wrote: “As a publisher in this polarized era, we have experienced outrage from both sides of the political divide and from different constituencies and groups.”

He continued:

But we come to work each day to publish, not cancel, which is the most extreme decision a publisher can make, and one that runs counter to the very core of our mission to publish a diversity of voices and perspectives. We will, therefore, proceed in our publishing agreement with Vice President Mike Pence.

Simon & Schuster announced the book deal early in April. The release of the first book is tentatively scheduled for a 2023 release.

It seems that the disgruntled infants who work at the company thought they might succeed in pushing the company to renege on its deal with the former vice president because it canceled the agreement they made with Jonathan Mattingly, one of the police officers who shot and killed Breonna Taylor.

“That decision was immediate, unprecedented, and responsive to the concerns we heard from you and our authors,” Karp wrote in an internal letter. “At the same time, we have contractual obligations and must continue to respect the terms of our agreements with our client publishers.”

The company also made a similar decision with Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) book on censorship. After the lawmaker participated in the GOP’s objection to the certification of the Electoral College tally in 2020, they canceled the deal in response to the Capitol riots that followed. (See: Simon and Schuster Cancels Josh Hawley Book Deal, Senator Responds Accordingly)


While the company has bowed to the will of the woke mob previously, it seems they have not been fully bullied into submission. At this point, they have not yet descended to the depths of impotence that we have seen from companies like Nike, Delta Airlines, and Major League Baseball. Hopefully, they won’t become the next victim of the woke Sanhedrin.


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