Mother of Slain Black Child Eviscerates National BLM Leader Over Luxury Homes

The National Black Lives Matter organization continues to attract criticism from those they claim to be supporting. Local BLM chapters have taken the global organization to task over its lack of transparency related to how it is using the funds it receives from donors.


A few days ago, the national BLM organization came under fire after discovering that one of its co-founders, Patrisse Cullors, had bought a $1.4 million home in southern California. The blatant hypocrisy was roundly condemned by many on both the left and the right.

But now, a black mother of a child who was killed by police is also making her views known on the matter. Lisa Simpson, whose son was killed during an encounter with the Los Angeles Police Department in 2016, has been a sharp critic of the national organization’s leaders. Recently, she staged her own protest calling out leaders of the national organization for profiting from the deaths of black men.

“Y’all out here buying properties off the deaths of our children with the money people are donating to y’all because they think y’all got y’all boots on the ground,” Simpson said. Well, I’m here to tell them your boots ain’t on the ground — it’s in the pedicure bowl.”

“You’re not fighting for our children. You’re fighting for your pockets,” she fumed. “Black lives don’t matter. Your pockets matter.”

This is not the first time Simpson has spoken out against BLM leaders. Earlier this month, she held a press conference in which she lashed out at Melina Abdullah, leader of the Los Angeles BLM branch. She stated that despite their promise to help people like her and other family members of people killed by police, they haven’t lived up to their word. She said:


“I have not received one penny from Abdullah or BLM despite BLM Global Network reporting they have raised 90 million dollars in donations. Locally Abdullah and BLM have received over 3 million dollars in donations. I’m not begging Abdullah or BLM for money. I’m simply asking that she keep her financial commitment she made to my family after solicitation of funds using my son’s name and other names of victims of police violence such as Ezell Ford, Michael Brown, and Tamir Rice.”

Let’s face it: The global Black Lives Matter organization has been conning both black and white Americans for years. It is nothing more than a grift designed to promote a white progressive agenda. They have raised millions and millions from well-meaning people under the guise of supporting black communities. But now, it seems that the grift is being exposed. The question is: How much information will be enough to bring down those participating in the grift?



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