Gov. Greg Abbott Issues Grim Warning About Biden’s Border Crisis, and His Predictions Will Probably Come True

Gov. Greg Abbott Issues Grim Warning About Biden’s Border Crisis, and His Predictions Will Probably Come True
(Nick Wagner/Austin American-Statesman via AP, Pool)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been a vocal critic of the Biden administration’s immigration policy and its handling of the current migrant crisis at the southern border. As the governor of a border state, he had much to say about where this current emergency is headed, and it doesn’t look good.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Abbott predicted the number of people crossing the border “will grow tenfold and a hundredfold.” The governor indicated that Texas has been prevented from gaining access to data regarding the health of people who have entered the country. The state has also been unable to obtain information regarding information to help them apprehend and prosecute smugglers.

He said:

This is just the very beginning of what’s going to be a massive expansion of the number of people coming across the border. It will grow tenfold and a hundredfold, especially because of the way the Biden administration has handled this. Remember, during the presidential campaign when all of the candidates said we want open borders? Well, guess what? Biden has provided those open borders. He’s inviting everybody in and the floodgates are now open and Texas is at the forefront of it.

The governor continued, criticizing the Biden administration for withholding important information regarding the situation at the border. He explained:

The Biden administration is not being transparent with either the governor of Texas or the Texas Department of State Health Services. We need to know what the health situation of these kids are. We need to know if they’ve been exposed to variants of COVID, and if so, is it the Brazilian variant or whatever type of variants. Our law enforcement, the Texas Department of Public Safety, they need to do their job. Part of their job is making sure they track down and prosecute anybody involved in smuggling. Once the kids get over to the state of Texas, they are still involved with coyotes and smugglers and people like that that we do have the ability to arrest and put behind bars. The Biden administration is not letting us gain access to that information so that we can arrest and prosecute those who are assisting this immigration process.

This is not the first time Abbott has castigated President Joe Biden on his handling of the border crisis. In a conversation with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, Abbott pointed out that Biden’s policies have not only attracted more migrants to attempt crossing the border, but they have also strengthened drug cartels working to smuggle people and drugs into the country. (See: ‘Empowering the Drug Cartels:’ Gov. Greg Abbott Obliterates Biden’s Inept Response to Migrant Crisis)

“The Border Patrol officers told me that the Biden administration policies, they are enriching and they are empowering the drug cartels in Mexico, who make money off of the people that they assist in smuggling them into the state of Texas,” the governor said.

Biden has been taking fire even from the left for his mishandling of the crisis. Not only has his administration continued to lie about the situation, claiming it is not a crisis, but it has used some of the same measures implemented by the Trump administration despite criticizing it as “xenophobic.”

Abbott is right. If the Biden administration doesn’t get it together, the migrant crisis will grow into an even more dire issue. Unfortunately, it does not appear that this president is up to the task.


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