Fox News’ Downfall Is Good For The Conservative Movement

Fox News’ Downfall Is Good For The Conservative Movement
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What’s going on with Fox News?

It seems that the company is going through quite a storm after it alienated much of its audience with its handling of the presidential election. It’s not looking so good for the network that, for decades, represented conservative thought on broadcast media.

The company recently restructured its daytime lineup amid plummeting ratings. The network is currently struggling to regain the audience it lost in 2020. Even worse, it is currently performing worse than CNN and MSNBC, which are left-leaning media activist organizations. It seems that only shows hosted by Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are keeping the network afloat.

Given that nearly all other television news networks function as a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, Fox News’ it might seem that its troubles spell disaster for the conservative movement and Republican Party. But, in fact, the opposite is likely true.

Fox News’ current decline will make the conservative movement stronger.

The network has been the dominant voice in conservative news for years. While other outlets existed, they did not enjoy the reach that Fox has. This meant that the company was the primary influence when it came to shaping viewpoints on the right.

However, after the company botched the election and further pushed its viewers away by taking a more antagonistic approach to President Trump, other companies began gaining more attention. Outlets like One America News Network and Newsmax have grown in popularity. Republican leaders are appearing on these networks more often. (See: Are We Witnessing the Beginning of the End for Fox News?

With more news outlets gaining prominence, the conservative movement will have more diversity of thought, leading to new voices, more viewpoints, more ideas, and more solutions. The right’s marketplace of ideas could change in a way that allows it to overcome the weaknesses that have plagued the right for years.

The growth of other conservative outlets is necessary in an age when the far-left is bent on suppressing right-leaning content at all costs; with Fox News’ position being threatened, we might see its challengers multiplying. This means that while conservatives fend off the left’s censorship campaign against digital outlets, they can continue to grow on broadcast media, thereby making it more difficult for the authoritarian types to impede the proliferation of right-leaning opinions.

Lastly, it is essential to note that Fox’s troubles will not be fatal. The company has lost a significant chunk of its audience for the time being. But if they are wise, they will learn from their missteps during the election and win some of their viewers back.

While circumstances might seem dire for conservative outlets, the situation may not be as precarious as it looks. Yes, the far-left has committed to a full-on campaign to remove opposing voices from wide-reaching platforms. But the right still has avenues through which it can fight back. The conservative movement has subverted the far-left’s hold on media before, and we can do it again.


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