Chris Cuomo Reminds Us Why They Call Him ‘Fredo’

Chris Cuomo Reminds Us Why They Call Him ‘Fredo’
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CNN host Chris Cuomo, a left-wing activist who pretends to be a journalist on TV, has beclowned himself once again. After the Supreme Court dismissed Texas’ lawsuit challenging former Vice President Joe Biden’s victory, Cuomo and many other totally objective members of the press celebrated on social media. 

Cuomo took to Twitter to express his glee over the Supreme Court’s decision and make what he probably thought was a clever point about court-packing. “Congratulations, America!  trumpers lost. Scotus kicked them to the curb. Again. Packing the court didn’t beat justice,” he wrote. “My guess is the retrumplicans dont quit…because this was never about loyalty or law…it is abt fealty and cowardice. Make them Do their job! #Remember”

There you have it, folks. Despite Trump supposedly packing the courts, Biden still won a victory. Except any American with a rudimentary knowledge of politics and history knows that Trump did not pack the courts. 

Unlike Fredo, they know that appointing a Supreme Court Justice is not the same as court-packing. Indeed, this involves adding additional seats to the court as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt tried during his tenure in the White House. Over 1,000 Twitter users took Cuomo to task for his show of cluelessness. 

Journalist Kyle Becker savaged Fredo in his response. “Chris Cuomo gloats about “trumpers’ losing while making a bizarre argument about the court being ‘packed.’ This is the high-quality journalism CNN viewers stuck at airports across the country have come to expect,” he wrote. 

Political strategist Seth Weathers chimed in, pointing out that “there was no ‘packing the court’”

Noam Blum, associate editor at Tablet Magazine nailed Cuomo, not just for his lack of knowledge regarding court-packing, but for his apparent anti-conservative bias. 

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld pointed out what all of us already know:

Cuomo and his ilk can be expected to continue shedding all pretense of objectivity, especially if Biden ends up becoming the next president. Over the past four years they have escalated their biased reporting to the point that only the extremely gullible actually believe they are objective journalists. 

These radical left-wing activists may have a decent chunk of the population fooled. But to many, it is clear that the United States no longer has a viable press. Instead, we have a slew of progressive activist groups pretending to do journalism. But the question is: How will this end? 


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